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Along with this increase in demand, there has been a shift toward the use of more expensive medications. <br> Encyclopedia Of Natural Medicine by Michael T Murray MD Joseph L Pizzorno ND, page 352 In 1996 Russia spent about $1. Far from being able to afford $10,000 to $40,000 a year to treat HIV patients in ways that met U. Drug companies who make huge profits from the sale of drugs spend more than $10 billion a year promoting drugs, and spend next to nothing warning the public about potential risks.D. <br> " They estimate a figure of 5 billion dollars was spent in 1991 for this type of advertising and add, "Though doctors insist their scientific training, high intelligence, and sophistication enable them to resist manipulation, the truth is that skillful marketers can influence M. The 1962 Harris-Kefauver Amendment to the Federal Food and Drug Act imposed strict regulations on pharmaceutical company advertising. </p> <p> This advertising is directed at both doctors, and directly to the public. By recruiting physicians to discuss off-label uses, therefore, the drug companies, in essence, bypass official channels and create a potent marketing force of physicians. <br> Morrison writes that "Pfizer alone has 4,500 people in its sales force," but these employees' salaries are small change compared to the increased revenue they encourage. Ephedra Fact And Fiction by Mike Fillon, page 146 Furthermore, physicians who abide by a conventional Western medical perspective are more likely to publish papers and be on editorial boards of scientific journals than their peers who hold to different philosophies. The following interview with Dr. <br> <a href="/">Online Order Phentermine Uk</a> That's how pharmaceutical commercials really work. Encyclopedia Of Natural Medicine by Michael T Murray MD Joseph L Pizzorno ND, page 352 In 1996 Russia spent about $1. Suddenly it became a normal part of our everyday experience to be confronted with the idea that we or a loved one might be suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction, for those not in the know), arthritis pain, high cholesterol, nasal congestion, osteoporosis, heartburn, or even the heartbreak of toenail fungus. If it weren't for pharmaceutical advertising supplements, Newsweek would be only three pages long. Articles concerning alternative treatments, such as the use of nutritional supplements, are few in number in clinically oriented journals, and usually are routinely rejected in favor of articles extolling the virtues of a prescription drug or surgical procedures. Yet AMA leaders were conscious of the threat posed by irregular practitioners. </p> <p> What's about to follow in this essay is my own personal opinion and my own assessment of this bigger picture. Don't believe the latest hype when a drug ad says you won't feel depressed by ingesting their high-profit synthetic chemicals. After seeing it a few times, I was convinced that most of my non-immediate family had social anxiety disorder and I even called one relative up to suggest that she take Paxil. In surveys, doctors list pharmaceutical salesmen as one of their most important sources of information about new drugs. MANETTE: On November 23, 2004 PBS Online News Hour Program you were quoted as making the following statement. <br> Pharmaceutical companies wouldn't spend billions of dollars on direct-to-consumer advertising if it didn't work. Suddenly, he or she thinks, "I'm not just sad. Health Care Meltdown by Robert H Lebow MD, page 149 Most, but not all, megasites support themselves with ads for prescription drugs, vitamins, and medical sundries, as well as laptops, life insurance, and books — typical Internet commerce. Prescription Medicines, Side Effects and Natural Alternatives by American Medical Publishing, page 16 First of all, consider the fact that the American prescription drug industry - the giant pharmaceutical companies — is the most profitable industry in the world. Similarly, pharmaceutical companies have focused on "detailing" physicians very aggressively (that is, promoting products through sales calls to doctors to provide information and free samples). Glossy ads promote the efficacy or ease of usage of drugs. <br> Most of this advertising is done in medical journals, which also serve as an important source of information for physicians. </p> </center> </td> </tr> </table> </div> </body> </html>