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Richard Smith, editor of the British Medical Journal, has raised the concern that lucrative advertising and reprint sales can be a corrupting influence. "The pharmaceutical Advertising Council and the FDA also issued a joint statement addressed to the presidents of advertising and PR agencies nationwide asking them to cooperate with a joint venture anti-fraud and quackery campaign," according to Mark Blumenthal, Executive Director of the American Botanical Council. <br> I'm sure Merck executives would disagree, although we may find the Justice Department, in fact, agrees with that assessment. Overdosed America by John Abramson MD, page 81 While $3 billion in advertising may seem like an awful lot, rest assured that the drug companies aren't worried.4 billion in 1997 to $2. Prescription Medicines, Side Effects and Natural Alternatives by American Medical Publishing, page 13 30 percent of consumers reported having talked with their doctor about a drug they'd seen advertised. Medication package inserts, drug advertising toward physicians and consumers, and the information in the ubiquitous Physicians' Desk Reference come directly from the drug companies. <br> Telling clever stories with misleading ads Well, first, let's explore direct-to-consumer advertising, namely the television commercial. The scattered nutritional or biochemical articles are rarely read. </p> <p> Prozac Backlash by Joseph Glenmullen MD, page 89 Yet the healthcare industry — as with most other industries — is slow to recognize the Internet's potential business opportunities and threats. DR. <br> My conscience as a physician nevertheless demands that I offer to my patients sufficient resources so that he or she can decide which route to follow in their struggle to recover health. I think I need Zoloft. <br> <a href="/">Buy Prednisone</a> ) becoming more skeptical of drug companies. Suddenly it became a normal part of our everyday experience to be confronted with the idea that we or a loved one might be suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction, for those not in the know), arthritis pain, high cholesterol, nasal congestion, osteoporosis, heartburn, or even the heartbreak of toenail fungus. One provider of medical education, Joe Torre, the chief executive of an advertising agency that owns its own clinical research company, said, "Very often doctors are more influenced by what other doctors say than what pharmaceutical companies have to say. The requirements brought to a halt the aggressive marketing of notorious drugs like amphetamine antidepressants and barbiturates., page 28 Government intervention is also warranted on industry-initiated and industry-sponsored "front organizations. </p> <p> Ephedra Fact And Fiction by Mike Fillon, page 77 According to a report prepared by the National Institute for Health Care Management, a nonprofit research foundation created by the Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans, the fifty most-advertised prescription medicines contributed significantly last year to the increase in the nation's spending on drugs.S. Prescription Medicines, Side Effects and Natural Alternatives by American Medical Publishing, page 16 First of all, consider the fact that the American prescription drug industry - the giant pharmaceutical companies — is the most profitable industry in the world. The “gorilla in the living room” is new drugs and approval. <br> Daniel Solomon and Jerry Avorn of Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, who explain that even though Merck funded and designed the study they were working on, once the study found negative results and was about to go to publication, Merck pulled their association from the study and then sought to discredited by insisting that a Merck employee remove her name from the study. This number increased to over $3 billion in 2003, according to Dr. Syndrome X by Jack Challem Burton Berkson MD and Melissa Smith, page 55 The reason that prescription drugs are not recognized as one of the biggest killers in America is complex. From 1996 to 2000, totals rose from $791 million to nearly $2.D. With approximately 600,000 physicians in active practice this amounts to more than $30,000 spent on each physician. Although industry market research data are unavailable, studies of physicians show what common sense predicts, namely that physicians are influenced by all kinds of marketing tactics. <br> Health Care in the New Millennium by Ian Morrison, page 44 In order to reach the widest audience possible, drug companies are no longer just targeting medical doctors with their message about antidepressants. Graedons Best Medicine by Joe Graedon & Dr Terasa Graedon, page 111 Among the wealthy nations that support the global pharmaceutical industry, the United States is by far the most permissive in its regulatory scheme. </p> </center> </td> </tr> </table> </div> </body> </html>