Youth Rally Pic 1

On Thursday, June 21, the United Youth and Youth Workers Alliance organized a rally in government center to demand more funding directed toward youth related employment. Since City Council’s cut in funding for such employment, a correlated rise in youth violence and homicides has been witnessed. Along with calling attention to this issue, the BWA joined other progressive organizations and young activists to commemorate those young Bostonians lost to the rise in violence.

BWA with Councilor Felix Arroyo and Hip Hop group The Foundation

Musical performers, poets and speakers filled the hot summer air with words of encouragement and a sense of urgency. The group stood in front of city hall requesting $8 million to be directed toward the development of more employment options suited for local youth. Mayor Menino and other city councilors watched from above as a wave of fists were raised in solidarity. Along with their fists, people lifted their voices to chant, “Youth united, will never be defeated.” People were encouraged to share their stories of loved ones lost and to take pictures in a mock chalk outline. Above the outline, with a hole for one to place his own face, was written, Not One More.

It is the BWA’s belief that with more employment opportunities, youth related violence will witness a relieving decrease.

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BWA Interns @ Youth Rally