Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars In 2017

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The best acoustic guitars offer true tonal quality, functional adjustments and are suitable for use by both amateurs as well as professionals. And, of course, no other musical instrument has quite the same charm, style and appeal as an acoustic guitar.

We went about searching for the most highly recommended acoustic guitars of the year and this guide is the culmination of this long search.

The ten guitars which have been reviewed here reveal the wealth of offers available to anyone with an inclination to make true music. Select the ones which best suit your needs and you will be on your way to proving yourself a true music maestro in the year 2017.

10. Disney FR705 Acoustic Guitar, Frozen

Your young ones will enamored and enchanted as well as inspired by this acoustic guitar.

It is finished off to represent the epic character from the hit Disney blockbuster movie: Frozen. You can also opt for other similarly themed creations including Groovy Minions, Cars and Disney Princess.

The designers have been careful to ensure that despite the miniaturization of its parts, the guitar nonetheless retains its tonal quality, comfort and playability.

Moreover, the low string action means young players can more easily tug at the strings and make pretty good acoustic tones.

And, of course the distinctive Disney Frozen graphics will serve to delight the young player while inspiring them to make the music they love.

9. 38″ BLUE Acoustic Guitar Starter for Beginners


Sold as a starter pack for someone just starting to experiment with acoustic guitars, this BLUE guitar is the essence of a balanced construction and enhanced features.

The acoustic guitar is ready to go straight from the box and you can begin jamming right away.

The 38 inch size is perfect for beginners and will offer excellent musical reproduction without proving too unwieldy even in the hands of the younger musician.

The guitar includes a complete carry-on case as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. It will therefore prove a well thought out gift idea for a young person aspiring to get into grips with making music.

And, of course, the price tag means this acoustic guitar is an absolute steal.

8. Sawtooth ST-ADN-KIT-3 Acoustic Guitar

If you are looking for a full sized dreadnought acoustic guitar then this offer by Sawtooth will see you good any day of the year.

It is constructed from select materials including spruce wood for the top while the back and sides have been sourced form quality Mahogany to ensure unrelenting true tonal quality for every beat.

The neck also features mahogany reinforcement and there are some Rosewood Fretboard as well as Bear Claw inlays to give the guitar a truly classic look and veritable performance.

When you order this guitar, you are getting whole guitar kit, not just the instrument itself.

The kit includes such accessories as a Guitar Strap, ChromaCast Clip-On Tuner, Pick Sampler, Padded Gig Bag and Guitar Stand not to speak of access to guitar tutorials for free.

Well built and easy to play, this acoustic guitar will prove a great attraction to players of different levels of experience.

7. 41 Inch Full Size Black Handcrafted Steel String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The quality of a good acoustic guitar is not found in just the construction of its various parts. On the contrary, it has more to do with how all these parts have been put together to ensure true tonal fidelity and playability over the long haul.

This 41 inch right handed acoustic guitar is a very good provenance of the above philosophy.

It is an absolute steal as well as a firm contender for the distinction of being the most sought after acoustic guitar in 2017.

Its smoothly contoured body makes for smooth reproduction of musical notes and you will scarcely find another entry level acoustic guitar capable of making such melodious and crisp sounds.

Whether you are a rank beginner or a seasoned player, there is everything to delight on being the owner of this fine instrument.

6. Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Learn to play music the natural way with this acoustic guitar that is suitable for both experts and rank amateurs.

The construction of the instrument bespeaks careful attention to detail as well as a penchant for perfection in the designers.

Indeed, this is a guitar you will come to love right from the day you own it and for years down the line. Moreover, it is the sort of deal which offers you greater value than you may have anticipated.

The guitar is sold as a full kit including all the accessories and components you need to start your experience right away. The kit includes a big bag carrying case, a guitar tuner, guitar strap (adjustable and removable), picks and extra strings.

The guitar is also made from high quality hardwood varieties and will sound very natural over the years.

Whether you are buying an acoustic guitar for your own use or as a present to bequeath someone with a musical fancy, this is the most highly recommended alternative.

5. Yamaha FG700S Folk Acoustic Guitar Bundle with Hard Case

With its solid sitka spruce top as well as Nato back and sides, this acoustic guitar bespeaks careful tooling and the best workmanship in the business.

Moreover, unlike many other guitars you can order online, this one is ready for play right out of the box. You also get a hard shell case for carrying and storage convenience, a guitar stand, a tuner, capo, a removable and adjustable strap, picks, extra guitar strings and a winder as well as a polishing cloth.

Moreover, an Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD is packaged with the shipping bundle so you can start making melodies right away.

While this is a guitar recommended for beginners as well as intermediate players, professionals too will find it more than adequate for their purposes.

And the quality of the guitar is not just in the choice of materials used for the construction: it extends all the way to playability and quality of its acoustics.

4. Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Enjoy great tonal fidelity when you play this acoustic guitar made to suit the needs of both amateurs as well as professional players.

It is well in keeping with the high quality value you have come to expect from Rogue, a leading brand in the design and marketing of exceptional musical instruments.

The lightweight design of the guitar makes it ideal for young upstart musicians but it is also good enough for more seasoned enthusiasts.

Owing to its balanced body depth as well as width, it brings out plenty of balance and tonal projection that it can be used to offer satisfactory performances even for a sizeable indoor or outdoor audience.

3. Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar

Make music the way it was intended to be enjoyed with this masterpiece acoustic guitar from Fender.

It is a real sized dreadnought style guitar that is sold alongside all the accessories and bits you need to start making your creations right away.

In addition to the acoustic guitar itself you get a functional gig bag, extra strings, a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, a clip-on tuner and picks as well as a custom made polishing cloth. Just as well the shipping package includes an Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD so you can get started straight away even if you have never held an acoustic guitar in your hands heretofore.

2. Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

Get your kids started bright an early on a journey of musical discovery when you bequeath them this half sized guitar by Hohner.

While the guitar features a number of simplified features to enable young users (everyone from toddlers to preteens will find it suitable) the overall construction is nonetheless sturdy enough to ensure quality music.

The nylon strings also add to the overall playability of the instrument.

This is a handcrafted guitar too and features an Agathis top as well as back and sides made from same material. This is a deliberate measure to ensure the instrument remains lightweight without losing any of its functionality.

This is yet another instrument which cements the already well deserved pedigree of Hohner as a true brand for the nurturing of young talent in the creative arts.

Buy it for a young ones Christmas or birthday present and they will be forever thankful for your forethought.

1. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

This acoustic guitar is so well designed that you might as well regard it as a true object of art in your collection. Indeed, so intuitive is it that it is often one of the most highly recommended guitars for rank beginners.

Moreover, many seasoned guitar players consider it their most preferred second instrument of choice. Indeed, when you come to evaluate the Jasmine S35, you will have very little cause for disappointment.

From its detailed appointments all the way to its bold acoustic projection, you couldn’t find a more fitting accompaniment for your musical notations. It is also well crafted from top to bottom and the sale is backed by a comprehensive warranty with some guarantees extended for the entire lifetime of the instrument.

As dreadnought acoustic guitars go, there can only be a countable few to offer the same level of versatility and true tonal reproduction as this amazing Jasmine instrument.

Order yours today before the online supplies go out of stock.

Your search for the most desirable and functional acoustic guitars of the year comes to an end right here. The above ten reviews feature the most highly recommended acoustic guitars in the year.

They are the ones which have wowed both professionals as well as rank amateurs for their quality of construction as well as ability to make truly sensational music.