Top 10 Best Brake Pads In 2017

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Your vehicle disk brakes are attached with several brake pads. Brake pads are steel backing pates that integrate friction material, purposed with improving the effectiveness of your vehicle’s braking system for greater control and safety on the road.

Looking at the market, you find that there are many models of brake pads available for sale today, which can make it subtle for a beginner to tell the best models apart.

As such, reading the following top 10 best brake pads in 2017 reviews will help you land a best deal that offers value for the money. Read on.

10. EBC Brake Pad DP61799 6000 Series

This is a high quality model of brake pad that you can consider using on your vehicle’s braking system today. It is commonly used with any SUVs and trucks available today.

It improves the stopping power of the braking system impressively.

For that reason, you will be able to use this brake pad model for improved safety on the highway. It is simple to install and also remove.

9. Toyota Genuine Parts 04465-48150 Front Brake Pad Set

It is a front brake pad set that is highly recommended for any driver today.

It is uniquely designed to help maintain dynamic from this pad. It perfectly fits majority Toyota automobiles. It is made of strong and premium materials, ensuring you great support for your own braking needs.

The Toyota Genuine Parts 04465-48150 further includes some backing plates, and when you choose to install and use this pad on your vehicle, you always will have to enjoy an efficient and smooth drive with great control and safety.

8. Raybestos PGD1273C Professional Grade Brake Pad Set

Made by Raybestos, this is a professional grade ceramic brake pad designed to offer you excellent quality braking efficiency.

The brakes use top performance formulations in order to ensure no noise, dust, and brake fading while offering you improved stopping power.

You are bound to enjoy confident and excellent pedal feel from the very first time you use this pad. The materials used in making these pads are corrosion resistant, and the pads are simple to install.

7. Dura International BP881 Ceramic Brake Pad

It is another top performance brake pad that is made of high quality materials in order to provide maximum friction function and area.

It ensures that you enjoy improved stopping power that is reliable and durable.

The brake pad further integrates a functional noise reduction system, therefore ensuring a noise-free yet impressive braking system for your driving safety needs.

6. Bosch BP976 Premium Brake Pad

This is a very simple to install brake pad whose performance is just great.

It is specially created incorporating Bosch’s unique engineering system and using NAO materials, making it reliable in creating excellent stopping power as well as noiseless operation.

The model further features shim technology for protecting all shim attachments which are located on the brake pad. As a result, this is a brake pad that will offer you maximum stability for long.

5. ACDelco 17D1092CH Professional Brake Pad Set

If you are in need of an effective brake pad set for your use, considering the ACDelco 17D1092 is a good idea.

It is a product that has been tested and passed all the set standards for vehicle braking excellence and effectiveness.

As such, you will actually rely on the quality and high performance of this professional ceramic brake pad for front wheels.

It further includes stamped backing plate that helps reduce the noise, protect it from fast wear, and support the brake pulsation for great control and confidence on the road.

4. Akebono ACT325 ProACT Brake Pad Set

Engineered professionally to precise OE (Original Equipment) standards, the ACT325 ProACT Ultra-Premium set of rear brake pads offers the absolute braking experience fit for a vast majority of drivers.

Made using high performance vehicle-optimized friction formulations that are aimed at considerable noise elimination, as well as elimination of vibration and harshness (NVH) and also for limiting wheel dust severely, at the same time ensuring smooth but stable braking performance and improved durability, these are the best replacement to restore OE ceramic pad experience, and also upgrading from the less effective conventional models.

3. ACDelco 14D727CH Advantage

The ACDelco 14D727 Advantage are high quality disc brake pads with a professional ceramic formulation which incorporates less metal, offering high quality stopping/braking power in a low-dusting and quiet operation package.

Further, this product includes hardware clip kits for use where suitable.

These brake pads are available for any model of vehicle, ensuring that different car and other vehicle owners are always at an advantage of finding the right fit for them for better control and safety behind the wheel.

2. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1089

This is a patented IMI 1-piece model of brake pad that offers optimum noise damping while dissipating heat produced during the braking process.

The pad integrates Laser-Shaped Friction technology which custom-shapes the friction to focus caliper force, eliminating noise and reducing vibration the more.

It is suitable for a broad range of vehicle applications, from light trucks, passenger cars, mini-vans, to SUVs. It is made of OE match friction materials—organic, semi-metallic and ceramic.

Providing maximum performance, the pad is made and tested to pass OE industry stopping power tests.

1. Akebono EUR781 Euro Brake Pad Set

Akebono EUR781 is, according to customer feedback, believed to be the most widely popular and appreciated brake pad available on the market today.

It is a very famous product thanks to its low vibration, low noise, and no harness level performance, meaning that you will use it for your absolute vehicle stable and safe braking system. It incorporates European braking performance featuring advanced pedal feel.

It is a comfortable pad to use with your vehicle. Most customers who have used it before have always returned to tell their stories of satisfaction with it.

It is a fact that more models of brake pads are available on the market for sale. However, it you are keen on fitting your vehicle with the industry leading, high quality performance, and reliably durable models, you will be safe choosing yours from the above top 10 best brake pads in 2017 reviews.