Top 10 Best Gardening Gloves In 2017

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Gardening is an essential activity that you have to carry out to ensure that your garden and yard in general remains in a good shape.

However, if not careful you can easily end up getting injuries such as cuts and scratches from gardening. It is therefore in your best interest to ensure that you are well protected especially around your hands when gardening.

This is why we are going to give you a list of the top 10 best gardening gloves in 2017 that we believe will give you maximum protection that you need. They include:

10. Handmaster Bella Men’s Comfort Garden Glove

The Handmaster Bella men’s comfort garden glove has been constructed to withstand the severe conditions surrounding the gardening activities.

It is therefore made of special materials that will enable you to take care of your gardening without having to worry about being injured by thorns or scratches. This has been gifted through the nitrile and  double coat that is found on the palm side.

This coating not only gives comfort and protection but is also quite sturdy to ensure that it remains intact for the gloves to be usable for a long time.

The back, on the other hand, is made of nylon. This nylon is water resistant ensuring that as you water and prune your gardens the water will just be rolling off the gloves.

This means that there is never water absorption which may bring un-comfortability or bad odor inside the gloves. This nylon is also breathable allowing air to pass in for improved comfort. Its wrist is knitted causing snugger fit that prevents debris and dirt from entering the glove.

9. All Purpose Gardening Gloves

These All Purpose gardening gloves are made of lightweight material which is very flexible and can be used for other purposes such as cleaning.

The gloves will, therefore, help you get an excellent grip on both gardening tools and other cleaning products. It has a soft Foam covering whose primary duty is to protect your hands from water, cleaning products and mud.

The gloves are designed for a tight fitting making sure that dust, weeds or other waste tools do not penetrate into the gloves.

They are well-aerated which makes the air entering the gloves to keep your hands fresh and free from sweat.

8. Melissa and Doug 6292 Gardening Gloves

If you want to give your kid a few skills regarding gardening, then you need to ensure that they are also protected. The cheerful Melissa and Doug 6292 gardening gloves are have been manufactured to be mainly used by kids.

These gloves have a rubber latex coat on the palms. This latex is highly firm ensuring that as you enjoy gardening with your child, they won’t be easily injured or get scratched. The rubber is also very durable increasing the lifespan of these gloves.

They have a very comfortable cotton designing allowing hands to fit inside perfect for improved grip. The cotton allows air to rotate inside and outside of the glove keeping your hands aerated and fresh.

These gloves are fully washable. 

7. Premium Grade Garden Gloves

These premium gardening gloves have a very sleek designing with an incredible appearance.

High-quality materials have been crafted together to come up with these multi – purpose gloves. You will, therefore, be able to use them for gardening, auto and other household duties among other things. Its coating on the palms and the back is designed for protect that you have superior grip when using these gloves.

The coating material also serves to provide limited protection from the injuries that generally occur during gardening such as scratches and cuts.

The premium grade garden gloves have a very durable construction that will help to remove the budget you spend on gloves for an extended period.

They are breathable preventing your hands from getting sweaty which usually reduces grip. With these gloves cleaning or washing them will never be a problem since they are machine washable.

6. 4 Pack Showa Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves

The 4-Pack Showa Atlas nitrile garden gloves have been designed to fit your hands like they are the second layer of your skin.

This feature is quite useful as it has helped in making sure that they never slip while you are gardening and has also increased the grip you get when using them.

The nitrile coating you will find in these gloves is tough to give your hands as much protection as possible. The inside of the gloves is smooth for better comfort. Air moves around these gloves quite easily helping to boost the comfort of the gloves further.

These lightweight gloves will help you in carrying out not just gardening, but also other minor household activities that usually require gloves. They are available in various colors that you can choose from.

5. Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Gloves

Mad grip f100 pro palm is made of 50% polyester and 50% rubber.

These gloves provide super protection and are highly durable as compared to other nitrile and rubber gloves. The palms of these gloves have been given a relaxing cushioning.

Its purpose is not just to provide comfort, but also assists in absorbing pressure and protecting the hands. The cushioning hence helps to keep you away from hand fatigue and blistering.

The rubber of these gloves has been pre-curved, and this is crucial as it assists in preventing bunching allowing the gloves quickly to take up the natural shape of your hands for better fitting and grip.

These gloves can also be used in auto duties and other uses. They are machine washable and hence maintaining them should not be a problem.

4. Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women

Pruning of roses is one of the most difficult tasks to undertake especially considering that the thorns can easily cut you if you are not careful. This is why these gloves are made of 100 natural goat grain.

This premium material is known to be flat resistance thus making sure your hands are sufficiently protected from harmful scratches. They have an extended suede split cuff going up in your arms. This unique feature is vital protecting not just the palms but also most of the rest of your hands.

As a result, you will engage in more huge gardening reaching the far placed roses and other trees knowing that your hands are fully protected. The gloves are flexible and pliable maintaining enough dexterity which is important in tasks like planting seeds etc. lanolin material has given the gloves a soft texture that moisturizes your hands.

The thumbs of these gloves are ergonomically designed allowing for a firm grip on garden tools.

3. Magid Terra Collection Professional Gardening Gloves

The Magid Terra Collection professional gardening gloves are made of a synthetic leather palm with reinforced fingertips. These gloves are puncture resistant for maximum protection.

The leather on the palms, therefore, prevents roses and other plants from harming your hands. The sturdy construction of this gloves offers what most if not all gardeners typically want from gloves. They will give you optimal strength, comfort, and heart. The cuffs of these gloves are extended a little to reach your elbows.

This, therefore, helps to protect your entire arms from injuries and also helps you to be more committed while working.

The knuckle guard is included to provide extra protection against the thorny plants. The fit spandex back offers maximum comfort and the breathable nature of the gloves will also keep your hands from sweating.

2. Wislife Cut Resistant Gloves

The Wislife cut resistant gloves is undoubtedly among the most durable gloves.

These gloves are scratch and cut resistant. They are made of Dyneema which is known to be four times stronger than standard leather! With this gloves, you are therefore assured of not just durability but also maximum protection that is unmatched by most other gloves.

With these, you can engage in any sorts of gardening without fear of scratches or cuts.

They are also well designed to allow for air rotation that serves to improve comfort and grip by reducing sweating of the hands.

The gloves are highly elastic and lightweight keeping your hands from not important luggage for better functioning. These gloves are not just perfect for gardening but will also assist in kitchen uses, carpentry, wood/pumpkin carving, etc.

1. G and F Women’s Garden Gloves


The G & F women’s garden gloves are made of 100% nylon.

These nylon knit gloves are coated with nitrile that is so useful in working around wet and muddy areas in your garden. Their water resistant nature will more help you to work under such condition more efficiently.

These gloves are designed to fit tightly on your hands like forming another skin-like layer. This features gives you a better grip and also prevents the gloves from slipping.

They have been manufactured with a bug repellant smell that helps in securing the gloves from bugs and other insects keeping you safe in the process. The gloves are known to be very comfortable, and the premium nylon material gives them a durable lifespan.