Top 10 Best Office Desk Lamps In 2017

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Your essential guide to the top 10 best office desk lamps features a collection of the most innovative as well as modern lamps for use at your home or workplace office desk.

These lamps are not only designed to offer the most precise illumination but are also customizable enough to ensure they fit the needs of different users without impeding on the comfort level of the user.

It is worth noting that not every desk lamp is suitable for every user. One lamp may be suitable for studying while another may be more appropriate for enlightening a precision tooling project. Others come with adequate customization to help you switch from one functionality to the other with ease.

Whichever your needs and requirements, you are certain to find an office desk lamp that is perfect for this from our selection of offers.

Try them out and your yield will be raised markedly. Select a fitting office desk lamp, put it to use and thank us later.

10. LE® Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Offering the user a selection of seven dimming levels, this is a multifunctional LED desk lamp for specialists as well as everyday users.

You can easily dim the light in order to find your preferred settings whether you need illumination for precision tooling, reading or relaxation.

There is a simple touch tricky panel to help you adjust the illumination as required. The smart lamp also comes with a memory function so that you do not have to repeat the setup every time you switch on the lamp.

The lamp also boasts a flexible lamp head which can be rotated through 270 degrees of arc without changing the direction of the base.  

The lighting element is made from an LED array that has been advance to eliminate all flickering and ghosting. To make it even easier for you to adjust the angle and focus of the yield, the lamp’s base is fitted with a n inbuilt stabilizer so you can adjust the lamp using a single hard.

9. Newhouse Lighting 3W Energy-Efficient LED Clamp Lamp Light, Black

During the testing process, this lamp impressed us straight away with the warm glow if its illumination and a number of features which made it possible to customize the light to suit different requirements.

Its sleek, ultra modern and customizable design was a big plus especially for use on a desk where space is at a premium. 

The gooseneck of the lamp stem proved very moveable and the user can adjust both height and angle of illumination with almost effortless convenience.

It is also fitted with a versatile clamp which made it possible for us to mount it on a variety of places from bed frames to nightstands, desks, racks and even shelves.

The LED lamp offers 300 lumens of glowing illumination and is available in three different colors to suit the needs of different users.

The LED array module is made from the latest machinery and will provide well over 30,000 hours of yield; enough for a lifetime guarantee of functional value.

8. iEGrow Flexible USB Touch LED Desk Lamp

Artistic, innovative and even revolutionary; the iEGrow flexible USB Touch LED desk lamp is a highly recommended lamp for people who want a functional lamp to use on a desk or table top.

The lamp works energy efficient LED lighting machinery to provide comfortable illumination that can be adjusted to suit needs. It is eye friendly as you will ever get, with no flickering or ghosting even when left on for hours on end.

It produces a very eye friendly lighting which safe your vision and reduces eye fatigue. As such you can work longer and more effectively at your projects.

It is powered by a lithium ion battery, making it even more portable especially for users who have to work at multiple workstations.

The lamp’s arm is very flexible and allows you to adjust the lamp’s height and lighting angle according to your preference. 

7. Globe Electric 56963 32 inch Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Designed and sold by Globe Electronics, this office desk lamp is certain to ease the effort you put in getting your desktop studying or projects done just right.

Featuring an innovative spring loaded arm, the desk lamp is intended to make illumination convenient and effortless.

It is an essential piece of tools for any indoor workspace and has been recommended by leading ergonomic experts for office workers as well as Do-it-yourself enthusiasts at home. It features one of the most convenient off and on switches of the lamps included in this entire review.

The unit is sold ready-to-use and no assembly is required. All you have to do is plug it in to power, turn it on and adjust the settings to your liking and you are good to go.

To work, the lamp requires an A-Type E26 light bulb (not included in the shipping package). The user can use either incandescent, beaming or LED based bulbs as they would like to make the lamp work.

6. TROND Halo 10W Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp

When you get to test this desk lamp you will need little, if any, persuasion that the quality of your desk lamp can make or break your work or study.

With its gooseneck stem, the lamp lets you customize the angle and proximity of the brightness so you can get the best possible look at the precision work you are doing or the characters of the page you are studying.

Fitted with the latest surface lighting technology as well as an ingenious light guide panel, the lamp enables you create a totally flicker-free and glare proof working lamp for your work table or study desk.

Swivel and twist the gooseneck stem to suit your needs and make use of the touch sensitive control panel to illuminate your work with the lamp.

Moreover, with its slim and compact design it is a lamp that is easy to carry around with you to different workstations around the home or workplace.

5. Boston Harbor Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Those in the know will tell you that a good desk lamp needs not only to offer consistent and customizable lighting but it should be fitted with practical as well as user friendly features.

This black Boston Harbor desk lamp with its 26 inch swing arm is built to fit this profile and offer as much convenience for those who need effective lighting on a study desk or work table.

The arm allows for a flexible and customizable lighting so that the way of the light can be angled precisely to offer the best illumination you need without disturbing shadows or irritating flickers. The lamp uses a regular 60 Watt Type A19 Bulb.

The bulb is not included in the lamp but it is available cheaply at your local supplies store. The lamp is fitted with a metal shade to avoid the distraction of diffuse illumination as you work on your project.

4. TaoTronics LED Gooseneck Table and Desk Lamp

TaoTronics is fast emerging to be the foremost brand in the design of the emerging technology of LED lighting appliances.

This customizable desk lamp utilizes the latest LED technology to assure you that you will always have your desk and workspace bright at just the right intensity and you won’t have to worry about bulb replacements for a lifetime of use.

The lamp is not only comfortable to use but also totally flicker-free and guaranteed not to cast multiple shadows or halos that would distract from the work you are doing.

It is also one of the most efficient LED lamps money can buy.

To understand just how good it is in this respect it is worth noting that in some independent objective tests it was proven to utilize 75% less electrical power while giving the same level of brightness as regular incandescent lamps.

The lamp is fitted with a touch sensitive control panel which enables you to switch through 7 different levels of lightness so that you can find a level that is most comfortable for your eyes and intensive enough to enable you do the work with ease and precision.

3. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp Eye-Caring Table Lamp

If you are looking to upgrade your desk lighting utility you need to consider this very customizable LED lamp not just as an option but perhaps the best working light you have ever had in your possession.

It is a 12 watt energy efficient with a set of 5 light color modes to more than cover all your differing desktop reading and study needs.

Whether you work with electronics, precision electronics, books or some other hobby; you will find that the design of this lamp allow you to go about your passion with more convenience and even elegance as well as flair.

You can set your preferred light level (there are 4 dimmer levels to chose from) or the light color using a convenient touch sensitive control, proving yet again how modern this office desk ultimately is.

The rotatable arm is very flexible but will hold to the set angle accurately, leaving you to do your work without worrying about flickers or shadows cast at the most inopportune of moments.

2. LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

This is one of the most functional and customizable dimmable LED lamps you can buy and use for all your office desk needs.

It is designed to be very eco-friendly by making use of the latest in LED lighting technology, lowering power consumption while offering as bright a lighting device as you would get using traditional incandescent lamp technologies.

It is a lamp you will find so customizable that you will find it good enough not just for your home office desk but also for the bedside bureau as well as for the closet.

A touch sensitive control panel means that moving the lamp to the right intensity is a breeze. Utilizing the most innovative lighting machinery, this lamp uses very effective passive lighting techniques and has been passed to last for at least 25 years under normal usage.

The natural light emitted from the lamp is passed as totally healthy for your eyes whether absorbed to the retina directly or indirectly when reflected off a page or surface.

1. TaoTronics Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

For those who have sampled any electronic products by TaoTronics, the this lamp will further enhance the unimpeachable premium reputation they already attach to the brand.

It is a highly recommended LED office desk lamp that is as customizable as it is energy friendly. With a 5 level dimmer functionality, this lamp lets you chose the most  comfortable lighting for the work at hand. You can change the setting using a touch-sensitive control panel.

A 1-hour auto-timer means the lamp will switch off automatically if it is left on when you are not at the desk (this feature can be toggled on and off as desired).

Even more conveniently, the lamp has a USB charging port which you can use to top up the charge of your smartphone. The lamp is made using the latest in LED lighting technology and the bulb supply is given to last for at least 25 years under normal lighting usage.

It is a lamp that will require virtually no maintenance or replacement of parts for a lifetime.

Your quest for the best office desk lamp has now come to an end.

Our all-inclusive and objective guide to the top 10 best office desk lamps in 2017 has been compiled after days of evaluating different lamps available for sale.

The reviews included in this guide prove once and for all that there is no stopping someone determined on getting nothing but the very best the web has to offer in terms of desk lighting solutions.