Top 10 Best Travel Pillows In 2017

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Waking up at the end of the journey to find yourself with a painful neck is a common occurrence to many travelers, just because they slept with a bad head position.

However, investing in the right travel pillow can bring an end to such discomfiture. Travel pillows are very important accessories which ensure convenience and comfort when you sleep while seated in your passenger seat during a long journey by plane, bus, car, or train.

These pillows are quite supportive in helping prevent you from cases of neck fatigue and pain, so you arrive at your destination with your neck as fit as when you left.

However, with more and more models of these pillows getting introduced on the market, it has become even more challenging for beginners to choose the best quality, most supportive models.

Do not be confused, though, since in this article we have highlighted the select top 10 best travel pillows in 2017, in order to help you get the best value deal today. Enjoy reading through.

10. Kohbi® Travel Bliss Neck Pillow

Getting asleep on your flight to some great destination can make or break the some days of your experience there. However, for a business or work trip, you ought to arrive there refreshed, and getting some comfortable nap is quite vital.

That is why it is indispensable to have the best quality travel pillow.

The Kohbi Memory Foam travel Bliss Pillow is exactly the right firmness for providing your head with the most comfortable support. It is a highly selected model for your long flights, a must-have if you suffer neck issues or loaded with stress. It is also provides comfort when watching movies or TV, or reading in bed.

It is backed with a lifetime and hassle-free free replacement warranty and a 5-year 100 percent money-back assurance.

9. Trtl Pillow Travel Pillow

This is the travel pillow reinvented.

Trtl travel pillow is medically certified to hold your head in a better ergonomic position over your long flight. Even better compared to u-shaped models, it is strategically designed to help you avoid stiff neck and sore shoulders, and it eliminates the need for leaning against the plane’s wall for head support as you sleep.

It integrates an Internal Support System coupled with super-soft and hypoallergenic premium polyester fleece to ensure optimum warmth, maximum comfort.

Whether in flight or traveling by car or train, you will find better support when you sleep. It is suitable for 16 plus aged persons.

8. Clara Clark Hypoallergenic Travel Pillow

As you travel, ensure you always got the appropriate support.

With the Clara Clark Neck Pillow, you can be fully confident that you have the ultimate support to better and safely enjoy your ride.

Take this pillow with you wherever you travel, whether on train, plane, bus, or in car, or even when you want to relax safely on your couch at home watching TV, or on your vacation idle at the beach or camp. Made with the most premium high-quality memory foam, this pillow conforms and cradles your neck and head to offer the best natural support, offering you a perfect combination of optima support and comfort.

It includes a removable ultra-soft rayon bamboo well-zippered cover, providing extra-soft and comfortable, blissful feel.

The cover is hypoallergenic, dust/mite resistant, antibacterial, and machine washable, making this travel pillow one of the safest choices around. Also included is a stylish carry case.

7. AERIS Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Are you looking for the secret of comfortable sleep when traveling? AERIS memory Foam travel pillow is your solution.

It is made of the best quality visco-elastic, temperature-sensitive memory foam that perfectly molds to your neck contours to provide excellent neck support, allowing the neck to rest in a completely natural, tension-free position.

It is helps relieve pressure and alleviate fatigue, improving your sleep. Moreover, it stimulates better circulation, eliminating muscle stress and reducing instability as you sleep. It is ideal for traveling on planes, buses, cars, or train.

You also can use it when working on your computer, resting on the couch as you watch TV, camping, or lounging on the beach as you read a book or enjoy the oceanic scenery.

It has a removable and machine-washable cool cover and includes a handy carry bag.

6. AirComfy Travel Pillow

This travel Pillow by AirComfy is another top ranking accessory to make your long car or flight journeys safer and more comfortable by providing you the best support to the neck and head, thanks to its many useful features and savvy design.

It offers you incredible lumbar support when on the go, making you feel quite comfortable and freely relaxed as you sleep on your passenger seat.

It is very easy to attach this pillow on the seat headrest in the car, plane, bus, or train. It is quite easy and convenient to carry thanks to its lightweight and creatively compact design.

It features luxurious quality inner foam which gives you awesome support without hollow and bouncy feeling, and comes with a great quality cover made of easy to clean fabric.

Its unique design prevents your neck from tilting, yet still allows you to interact with your travel partners.

5. Travelmate Memory Foam Pillow

This travel neck pillow from TravelMate is particularly designed in a way that makes it feature the ideal softness to offer the best comfortable support to your head, neck.

Its thermo-sensitive memory foam molds to the natural contour of your neck area to ensure a custom fit. It relieves neck and shoulder tension caused by great sitting during long journeys.

It is suitable for use in planes, trains, buses or cars. Is cover is made of premium-quality and machine-washable material.

There is a built-in elastic strap for making it simple to attach the pillow to your carry-on luggage conveniently and safely without eating up extra space.

4. Comfort Master Travel Pillows

Offering a great therapeutic design, Comfort Master travel pillow by Crafty World is made of special-grade thermo-sensitive quality memory foam that provides optimal shoulder and neck support to travelers who sleep onboard planes, bus, car or train, making it one of the most versatile models that you also can use when working on a computer, camping, or lying on your home couch watching your TV.

It perfectly molds to your neck curve for the best support and comfortable custom fit, and it is suitable for both children and adults, as well as for persons with chronic pain problems.

It has a zippered, removable soft microfiber cover that is easy to wash, and includes a unique elastic strap for east attachment to your luggage.

3. Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow

Cabeau’s patented Evolution Pillow is one of the first and best travel pillows made of top-grade memory foam which actually supports your head and neck during your travels in the most comfortable position and feeling.

This pillow has raised side supports and a convenient flat back, providing 360 degrees of both head as well as chin support. Contrary to most poor quality travel pillow models, this one doesn’t push your head forward, which may cause neck pains.

It is very easy and convenient to wash thanks to its removable and machine washable velour cover, making it simple to keep clean and maintain for the next trip.

Its media pouch holds your MP3 or phone, so you can conveniently listen to your favorite music onboard. It is a highly rated, appreciated, and widely sought after model by travelers from all walks of life.

2. Travelrest - Ultimate Travel Pillow

The patented Ultimate Memory Foam travel Neck Pillow by Travelrest is professionally and awesomely designed to provide the best support and comfort during travel.

Its exclusive non-slip backing ensures the pillow is held in place. it is made of premium-grade and thermo-sensitive memory foam that molds perfectly to your neck and shoulder contours to keep a natural alignment as you sleep onboard.

It is simple to carry thanks to the included pouch that allows the pillow to compress to quarter its flexed size. It has a comfortable and plush, velour cover which is easily removable for easy cleaning in the washing machine.

1. J Pillow Travel Pillow

J Pillow is a bestseller travel pillow that offers incredible support to your comfort needs during travels.

It is a premium-grade model that features a special J-design for supporting both your neck and chin for the most comfortable and safest resting experience while in your flight or in the car, bus, or train seat.

This interesting design is capable of protecting your head against leaning forward, which would lead to back-neck ache.

You are therefore free to enjoy your great nap when you use this choice travel pillow. It is easily portable, so you can be able to bring it along for your journeys without stress, in order to get uninterrupted rest during the plane, bus, car, or train ride.

Sleep rest is vital for your healthy and productivity. When you sleep comfortably, you also enjoy the trip better.

As such, it is a great idea to have a quality travel pillow to support your comfort needs while onboard.

For the best experience, you are safe choosing your favorite model from the above explained top 10 best travel pillows in 2017 reviews.