On December 18th, over 60 individuals attended BWA’s pre-holidary gathering at the 12th Baptist Church. BWA members made presentations regarding the CORI, our work towards a new Temp Agency and the need to pressure our legislators to take some action to alleviate CORI discrimination.

01.jpgSoledad Bordegaray, of MTD la Matanza (The Unemployed Workers Movement of La Matanza in Buenos Aires) came to Boston on October 19th. She met with the members of Boston Workers Alliance and spoke on the autonomous “piquetero” and workers Cooperatives movements in Argentina. The BWA met with members of the Argentinean Unemployed Workers Movement last year, and was happy to continue our dialogue with our brothers and sisters from Argentina. Soledad Bordegaray gave a presentation describing the many tactics that the “piqueteros” have used to build another, more humane world.

US Worker Coop Conference13 BWA members went down to New York City for the Second Annual Worker Coop Conference. Over 150 individuals from across the country came to New York to share their experiences from working in businesses that they democratically own together. BWA members made a presentation to other participants on the problems with the CORI in Massachusetts.

bwa_oct72.jpgAt BWA’s CORI Justice & Peace Day in Malcolm X Park, Gregory Young, age 26, spoke out for an end to neighborhood rivalries. Having been formely incarcerated, Young made a passionate call for those in similar situation to organize for CORI Reform and also vote for gubernatorial candidates this November who have pledged to support those reforms.

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CaribbeanDay06On Saturday, August 26th members of the Boston Workers Alliance marched with Councilor Chuck Turner in the annual festive Caribbean Day Parade. BWA members carried our banner and passed out educational pamphlets regarding the need for CORI Reform and Jobs in the Boston area. It was a fun, exciting and beautiful day for the community.

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