On December 18th, over 60 individuals attended BWA’s pre-holidary gathering at the 12th Baptist Church. BWA members made presentations regarding the CORI, our work towards a new Temp Agency and the need to pressure our legislators to take some action to alleviate CORI discrimination.

Many participants spoke out on how the CORI continued to prevent them from obtaining jobs, housing and loans. Concerns were raised that unless we are able to have higher employment in the community, violence would not stop.

After a good discussion, participants were treated to a huge potluck brought by core BWA members. The menu included roasted turkey, a roast, jag, potato salad, mixed rice, salad, mac and cheese, and a whole spread of delicious desserts.

On a full stomach, BWA screened the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” featuring Al Gore, on the issue of Global Warming. Participants learned about how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was creating alarming changes to the earth’s climate, and were warned that unless something is done, millions of people would be displaced from their homes in the next 50 years. BWA members hoped to raise awareness of this impending crisis, and proposed the importance of starting businesses in the future that are environmentally friendly.

BWA celebrated another year of struggle and unity, and looked forward to the fight for CORI reform and Jobs in 2007.