Top 10 Best Electric Heated Blankets In 2016

Recommended for snuggling and or sleeping during cold winter nights, electric heated blankets are innovative apparels that have caught the world by storm since their release years ago. The plush and natural fabrics used to manufacture most contemporary models are comfortable, non-irritant, and have tight woven weaves the contain heat well to maximize overall experience. The heating technologies offered are also very safe and adjustable for a custom heating experience, while their ability to warm the body and sooth complications such as sore muscles or back pain have made them sought-after household accessories that also come in handy indoors. If you are living is a cold environment and do not have sufficient funds to spend on central heating, purchasing one of the top 10 best electric heated blankets reviewed on this list will work excellently for you. They are affordable, fun to use, and are manufactured using the best quality fabrics and electrical components that will never irritate you nor compromise your health over time.

10. Sunbeam Fleece Throw Blanket

A popular player in the heated electric blanket niche globally, Jarden Consumer Services has produced several dependable household products with this heated throw blanket ranking among the best. Though several similar products are currently available online, it has out-performed most of its competition mainly because of its durability and the quality fleece fabric used to manufacture it. The material is soft, non-irritant, and has a well-finished design that does not irritate the skin when snuggling or sleeping in it. It is also large (50 x 50-inches), has a well-wired electrical circuit that heats its fibers well without burning and or predisposing users to electrical shocks, and is attainable in a plethora of interesting colours and patterns that you can choose to match your couch and or bedding. This throw blanket is affordable and has an exclusive thermofine warming technology that detects temperature changes in real time and adjusts its performance to keep warmth consistent.

9. Biddeford 4441-907484-905

Measuring 62-inches by 50-inches, Biddeford 4441-907484-905 is a large heated throw blanket with an aesthetic zebra print that blends well in homes. Even though light, this one of a kind blanket retains heat excellently. The comfort knit 100% polyester used to manufacture it is professional-grade, while its machine washable design is innovative, considering that it uses electrical current to keep users warm and as comfortable as possible. If budget is a challenge, this blanket is affordable. The analogue electrical controls that it comes with ease setup and use, while the 10 heat settings offered guarantee a custom and enjoyable lounging experience when watching a movie. You also get an extra-long 13-foot power cord that eases setup and use and a 10-hour auto shutoff feature that boosts safety.

8. Sunbeam LoftTec

By choosing LoftTec by Sunbeam, you get an elite heated throw blanket with an aesthetic sage theme and a comfortable microplush construction that does not scratch nor irritate the body when resting. It is dishwasher-safe, dryer-safer, and has a classic EliteStyle controller with three heat setting you can adjust to satisfy your heating needs. During chilling winter weather, for example, its maximum heat setting will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night. You also get a three-hour auto shutoff feature that kicks in automatically when left on, a power-efficient system that keeps electricity bills low, and a light and portable design that you can carry along to a hotel and or your parent’s place. Sunbeam LoftTec is affordable and works perfect for men, women, and children.

7. Sunbeam Queen Size Heated Blanket

Designed to fit and work well on several types of queen-sized beds, this heated blanket by Sunbeam is a versatile household accessory with a plush and luxurious velvet construction that lays comfortably on the skin lounging or sleeping. It is durable, has a stylish and low maintenance blue theme, and comes with two digital controllers you can use to customize temperature and performance hassle-free. It also has a sensitive auto shut off feature that kicks in automatically when left running for long, 20 personal heat settings including a preheat session that boosts its functionality further, and thermofine warming system that adjusts temperature automatically to prevent it from overheating or running cold when in use for hours. This heated blanket comes backed by a limited five-year warranty.

6. Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit

As its name suggests, Comfort Knit blanket by Biddeford is a queen-sized heated electric blanket with a clean and natural finish that will improve the value of your home. Setup is hassle free. The 100% polyester used to manufacture it retains heat well for optimal efficiency, while the therapeutic warmth that it offers benefit individuals with sore muscles and those with chronic conditions such as bone and or muscle pain. Biddeford Blankets is affordable. The 10 personal heat settings offered boost its versatility, while its machine-washable construction eases maintenance when dirty. Unlike some poorly designed models, it will never short circuit or lose its functionality after two or more washing. You get 5-years warranty for a new one, twin and full single controls, and several colours to choose.

5. Sunbeam TRT8WR-R230-25A00

Sunbeam TRT8WR-R230-25A00 is a reversible Sherpa and mink heated throw blanket with a stylish honey theme that also retains heat well. It is durable, manufactured using a 100% polyester fleece fabric, and has a long six-foot power cord that eases setup and usage in all environments. The EliteStyle II control it comes with is not only convenient, but also has three warm settings and a three-hour auto-off function that boosts safety significantly. Its built in temperature regulator maintains consistent warmth, while its machine-washable and dryer safe design is innovative, particularly to those that use it on an everyday basis. Order an original model to get a warm and well-made accessory that will envelop and keep you as relaxed as possible whenever you curl up to watch a movie.

4. Sunbeam Quilted Fleece

As most Sunbeam blanks on this list, this quilted fleece model is a premium and well-heating accessory with a lagoon-themed twin construction that two individuals comfortably. Its quilted channel design does not tear nor run over time. Its electrical system is premium, while the EasySet Pro controller it comes with has 10 adjustable heat settings and a responsive 10-hour auto-shutoff feature that shuts down its system automatically if you leave it plugged for long. Sunbeam Quilted Fleece is machine washable and dryer safe, is made of a 100% polyester fabric, and has a self-regulating system that monitors and adjusts its system to deliver consistent warmth when in use.

3. Sunbeam TSF8US-R310-31A00

Offering approximately 180 grams per side (360 total) and a soft fleece fabric that lays comfortably on the body, Sunbeam TSF8US-R310-31A00 is a heated throw fabric with a striking garnet theme that does not fade over time. As most Sunbeam products, it is also 100% polyester, has three adjustable warm settings that guarantee a custom heating experience, and has a three-hour auto shutoff function that responds sensitively, and a machine-washable design with a long 6-foot power cord and a temperature sensing system that optimizes heating to maintain consistent and comfortable warmth.

2. Soft Heat Luxury

To enjoy a heated and comfortable sleep without compromising safety and or spending a hefty amount of money, Soft Heat Luxury by SoftHeat is a convenient and low voltage electrical system that works perfect in homes. It is well heated, queen-sized, and is made of a 100% polyester fabric with a luxurious and ultra-soft feel that is both machine-washable and dryer safe. It is also shrink-proof, does not pile nor gather when in use, and has a safe and non-hazardous design that cuts power consumption considerably without sacrificing its performance. You also get a hold and pre-heat feature, over temperature protection for safety, and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

1. Sunbeam Microplush Camelot

Popular among homeowners and movie lovers in particular, Sunbeam Microplush Camelot tops our list of the best. It is durable, has a power-efficient electrical system that generates soothing and consistent heat, and has a wide 50 x 60-inch design that offers better coverage when watching a movies or lounging on your couch at home. Its microplush material is machine-washable, while its automated system monitors the temperature of the body and optimizes performance to keep its users as comfortable as possible. You also get an easy to use PrimeStyle controller with a three-hour auto shutoff feature and three warm settings, a dryer-safe construction, and a thick 400 GSM design backed by a limited manufacturer’s warranty.