Top 10 Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters In 2016

If you are the kind of people who fancy enjoying instant warm showers whenever you feel like, you have an ideal solution in the electric tank less water heater.

These are highly considerable alternatives for the tanked propane or electric systems that have been around for many years, but which come with greater efficiency and ease of use, providing better results in less time—actually in no wait at all.

And there are several reasons for choosing this new innovation in heating water. Unlike the tanked systems, they are greatly space efficient.

Again, they come in sleek and appealing designs that superbly fit in most contemporary kitchens, are commendably water efficient, while at the same time consuming so relatively little amount of power due to their high capability to effectively heat water directly only when you require it. 🙂

Therefore, for those who intend to upgrade their homes and are considering the possibility of including a new, innovative, and more efficient, easy to use water heating system, or simply wanting to replace the existing tanked system they are tired of, you are good to go with this article.

Highlighted here are the top 10 best electric tankless water heaters in 2016 reviews, systems you can rely on for instant hot water anytime, while cutting down on the power bill.

Read on to find what best the market has for in regard to this matter.

10. Eemax EMT2.5 2.5-Gallon

Among the best functional electric tankless water heater available today is this Eemax EMT2.5 model.

It is able to save a lot of water by significantly reducing the duration water takes to reach the tap, and features an easily adjustable heat range that allows you to perfectly get the water heated only to your preferred temperature for your specific need.

This unit is ideal for easy installation under the sink and it delivers hot water almost instantaneously.

You will just have your fun using this great device, finding it always effortless to manage.

9. Coleman Portable Water Heater

This electric tankless water heater from Coleman is one of the most effective models on the market today.

It is also very popular, and features a rechargeable and very reliable pump battery, a high performance heater unit, as well as a quality water container that is easily collapsible for the most effortless portability and storage.

Further, this model features variable heat control system that allows users to adjust to their preferences—whether they need the water very hot or cold.

Among other high selling points about this water heater include a water hose adapter, a high quality and durable carry case for easier portability and storage, effective spray adapter, as well as bulk propane adapter. 😉

It is a very versatile model to use for your home water heating needs.

8. Reliance 6 6 SOMS K

Made by Reliance Controls, this is one of the best performance electric models of tank-less water heaters you can rely on for instant hot water supply today.

It is ideal for under the counter as well as crawl space installation thanks to its ultra-compact design that is very space efficient.

It has a side-mounted cold water inlet and hot water outlet for easy connection to the water supply and convenient hot water delivery.

With a single 120V 1650W copper excellent heating element, this device provides enough and more for all your hot water requirements. Its Temperature and pressure relieve valve makes it quite safe to use.

7. Bosch Ariston GL6+S

Specially engineered to ensure that you get ready and instant supply of hot water to your preferred temperature anytime you need it, the Bosch Ariston GL6+S electric tankless water heater offers the most highly convenient utility anytime.

It has the scope to provide you with as much as s7 gallons of water at a go and what’s more admirable, at the point of use, whether at the family den or in the kitchen.

This model features a very compact design that allows great ease of installation, and it can fit nearly anywhere, including on the wall or even under the sink.

Thanks to its highly effective pressure relive valve, this appliance is very safe to use at any home, which is one more reason it is so popular among many and more continue to seek to buy it. 😀

6. Stiebel Eltron Tempra 20 Plus

The Stiebel Eltron Tempra is another highly recommended model of electric tankless water heating system that features a 19.2 KW high performance heating element, a great appliance for any of your domestic hot water needs.

Since the prototype has been subjected to highly rigorous top efficiency control measures, this device is able to deliver quality service for so long duration always providing best quality water heating results at home.

The indisputable reliability this unit provides has been the satisfaction of so many of its customers, and if you buy it today, you are bound to enjoy the same high quality value for your money for years to come.

The system integrates an excellent performance water heating element coupled with fast efficient transmission process, making it save its users approximately 15 to 20 percent of power utility costs every single month.

5. Rheem RTE 13

Rheem RTE 13 is one among the most popular electric tank-less water heater systems, and it comes in a very user friendly and compact design, featuring great efficiency controls, which make it a marvel of efficiency, convenience, and design for your use.

The design can fit virtually anywhere inside the house or at office, which is why it is an ideal choice for point of use applications, such as instantly hot water supply for preparing hot beverages as well as snack cooking. 😀

The model further features simple to use and highly functional, accurate controls that incorporate LED lights for perfectly indicating some specific statuses such as when active element is on or when the system is on standby setting.

This unit is further fitted with a standard 0.5 inch pipe connection that is quite simple to install, ensuring no need for specialized skill or hired technician—further reducing operation costs.

4. Bosch GL4S Ariston

Also by Bosch is this great among the best point-of-use models of electric tank-less water heaters. This particular device boats a wonderful reputation as one among the leading top 10 in performance.

It is easy installing this unit that features an impressive four-gallon capacity, and directly connects to showers or sink facets, which eliminates the inconvenience of requiring plumbing or hard wiring and therefore saving lots of energy and water.

All you are required to do is plug this unit to power source and connect to the source of water and you will there and then enjoy continuously hot flowing water.

 Moreover, its 6-year warranty provides great buying and using confidence for all.

3. EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

The ECO 11 electric tankless water heater by EcoSmart is an excellent model that is configured for 67-degree F or more incoming water temperature.

It can effectively heat up to 2-gallon water in a minute, equivalent to one shower head (with 1.5 gpm flow rate) and a sink with a low inlet 67 degree Fahrenheit water.

This model features Digital Temperature Control that allows users to set their convenient temperatures in 1-degree increments/ decrements.

 It can as well be used in colder climates as a Point-of-Use heater for sinks and other low flow applications.

And judging by the ratings it has received from its customers, this is one of the best performance systems for your instant hot water needs.

2. Ecosmart ECO 27

Ecosmart ECO 27 is another top performance appliance that boasts a self-modulating innovation to help save as much h as 60% of water heating costs.

You never will have to lack instantly heated water whenever you need some when using this appliance.

Its digital temperature control feature gives you comprehensive control over the process of water heating, achieving your preferences always perfectly.

On top of saving you great costs, this model is space efficient since it features a highly compact design and what’s more, it is wall-mountable.

1. Eccotemp L5 Portable

Eccotemp L5 is considered the finest choice among the top 10 best electric tankless water heaters in 2016 reviews.

It comes in a compact and portable design, provides nearly 1.4 GPM hot water output, and almost 0.3 liter minimum flow ignition rate per minute. 😉

The design is again simple to install within no time, and the unit includes a shower an efficient nozzle as well as a garden hose adapter.

Its 1-year warranty cover gives you great purchasing and using confidence.

With the above explained models, you will never see lack of instant hot water. They are highly efficient, and come in compact and easy to install designs.

They are no doubt the top performance models the market has to offer now, and provide great value for the money.