Top 10 Best Electric Tillers In 2016

Before the development of electric tillers, gardening and lawn maintenance were challenging tasks that most individuals left for professionals.

The stress of using slashers and other crude tools that were available at that time not only lowered the experience of homeowners furthers, but also increased the risk of hand and wrist and injuries when gardening.

Electric tillers have improved the practice for the better. 🙂

They are easier to use, handle heavy-duty tilling and gardening jobs well, and have light and easy to maneuver designs that improve their efficiency further. Buy one of these 10 models for the best experience:

10. Homelite ZR46510

Even though factory conditioned, this electric tiller has remained one of the most sought after by homeowners and professionals alike because of its digging power.

It has large (8-inch) front rotating tines with adjustable systems (8-inches to 10-inches) that enable you to customize tilling.

The 8.5-amp motor that it draws power from withstands abuse well while its light and portable design is easy to maneuver on all terrain, which makes it an ideal gardening accessory for everyday use.

For optimal comfort and productivity, you also get a collapsible handle with a cushioned grip that lowers irritation.

9. Sun Joe TJ599E Aardvark

Even though the 2.5-amp motor is not as powerful as the 8.5-amp one that Homelite ZR46510 comes with, this tiller by Sun Joe is dependable and among the most recommended for light duty tilling.

Its light and easy to use design is another major draw while its integrated instant start feature eliminates the need for pull cords, common in most gas-powered tillers.

Pricing is decent, the four steel tine offered withstand everyday abuse well, while the adjustable shaft it comes with is not only ergonomic but also has a padded handle for easier control and comfort when in use.

You get a full two-year warranty for each new one bought.

8. VonHaus Garden Tiller

Fitted with large 12.5-inch steel tines and a light and a sturdy frame that does not require a lot of energy to use, this 7-amp electric tiller is a powerful accessory that is ideal for heavy duty tilling and cultivating.

It is affordable, has a power efficient motor-driven (850-watts) design that does not pollute the environment, and has four robust steel tines that not only till a large area but also withstand abuse well on all terrain.

It also has an adjustable depth system that you can customize as needed, a lightweight design (20.7 pounds), a safety cut out switch, and a stable double-handed design that eases maneuverability on all terrain.

7. Black & Decker TL10

Optimized for power, Black & Decker TL10 is an 8.3 amp electric tiller with a convenient corded design and efficient front-rotating tines that generate up to 96 feet/pound of torque. 😉

When tilling hard areas, therefore, you do not have to exert a lot of pressure as is always the case using some low-powered standard models that make rounds online. Setup is straightforward.

The long power cord that it comes with enables you to till or cultivate large areas of land per session while the instant start level that it comes with eases start-up and operation.

Black & Decker TL10 measures around 26.2 x 19 x 14.8 inches and comes backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

6. Sun Joe TJ603E

If you enjoy gardening and choose this Sun Joe TJ603E tiller and cultivator for everyday use, you get a durable 12-amp accessory with a convenient 16-inch design that handles both light and heavy-duty tilling jobs well.

The six steel tines that it comes with are sturdy, adjustable (both horizontally (up to 16 inches wide) and vertically (up to 8-inches deep), and have angled designs that till and cultivate efficiently without clogging.

To ease usage further, this machine has adjustable wheels (three positions) that roll smoothly on all terrains and a well-padded and foldable handle. Sun Joe offers a two-year limited warranty for this TJ603E tiller.

5. GreenWorks 27012

GreenWorks 27012 is an AC-powered 8-amp tiller and cultivator that delivers fast and memorable results in both household and commercial establishments.

Attainable cheap in stores, this machine does not look cheap nor work cheaply at all.

All tines (eight) are durable, manufactured using high-density steel, and have adjustable forward rotating systems that allow you to till areas measuring up to 10-inches wide and 5-inches deep per pass.

It also has a convenient electronic start system that works well in all weather, a sturdy and rust-resistant body, and a sturdy and padded handle with a fold down system that eases storage.

4. Remington RM151C Prairie

Featured in most top 10 best electric tillers in 2016 reviews for its affordability and durability, Remington RM151C Prairie has also won the hearts of millions of gardeners and professional landscapers worldwide because of its high-powered design (5.5 amperes). 🙂

It is electricity-powered, features four eight-inch steel tines (forward rotating) that adjust (5-9-inches) to till all kind of spaces (wide, tight, and between plants), and has a lightweight and ergonomic design that does not require a lot of skin and or effort to use well.

Its heavy duty motor and gearbox withstand abuse well while its built-in transport wheels and padded and adjustable handle eases operation on all terrain.

3. Troy-Bilt TB154E

Are you tired of using slashers and tradition hoes to till and or cultivate your land? If you are planning to mechanize the process to maximize your efficiency and productivity, this 6-amp Troy-Bilt TB154E electric cultivator is one of the best products to use.

Designed to work well on all terrain, it is light, portable, and has adjustable tines (four, forward rotating, and made of high-density steel) that you can customize to match your needs.

Whether you are looking to tear soil, dig, and or turn soil for planting, this machine will never let you down.

Its well-balanced and ergonomic design works well for individuals of all cadres while its decent pricing an ability to resist abuse, rust, and corrosion makes it an ideal home or commercial tool.

2. GreenWorks 27072

With an original GreenWorks 27072, you get a durable 10-inch tiller with a corded 8-amp system that generates sufficient torque for its steel tines to dig and plow the toughest of grounds.

It has a reliable electric start system. Its sturdy and lightweight body is easy to maneuver while its fold down handle is not only ergonomic but also has foam padding that minimizes irritation and the risk of injuries whilst in use.

Transport and storage are also easy and pricing decent.

1. Earthwise TC70001

For the best tilling and cultivation experience without spending substantial amounts of money, Earthwise TC70001 tops our list of the best.

Even though simple, the heavy-duty 8.5 amp motor that it comes with offers professional-grade results without overheating and or losing power over the years.

The 11-inch cutting width offered allows you to breeze through digging and soil turning jobs while the four steel tines that it comes with work maintenance free for years in the toughest of environments. 😀