Top 10 Best Laser Line Levels In 2016

The laser line level is a vital device for any kind of building projects. You can use it to creating perfectly leveled surface without any struggle.

When using the device, you project laser cross line in order to get ideal, precise level. If you are shopping for a laser line level, you will discover that the market is flooded with numerous models of it, something that makes it hard for first timers to select the best functional one.

As such, this article cuts through the maze to bring you the top 10 best laser line levels in 2016 reviews. Keep on reading to discover them.

10. Black and Decker Bulls Eye BDL170 Auto-Leveling Laser

This is a highly convenient to use accurate device, a perfect pick for those looking for a good quality laser line level unit. It can project both vertical and horizontal lines in order to support your construction needs.

Its automatic leveling feature allows effortless job.

You further can manage angles using this device. It includes overmolds which are useful in providing additional protection to your projects. It comes backed by a 2-year warranty.

It runs on AAA batteries (included) and a wall mount.

9. Irwin Tools LL30 Strait Line Rotating Laser Level

If you need a strong, powerful, and durable laser level to support your construction project needs, this is one of the best performance models to consider.

Its compact and lightweight design offers quick and easy precision leveling job in your projects.

The laser level boasts a 360-degree rotation feature, a technology which saves you lots of time. With this laser line level, you will be enjoying a 15-ft laser beam for the most accuracy results.  😀

8. Leica Lino L2P5 Auto-Leveling Line & Dot Laser

Featuring a 180-degree horizontal as well as floor-to-ceiling vertical line, and also 4 laser points all of which are calibrated to precise 90-degree angles, L2P5 is a great quality laser line level by the globally famous Swiss Army Knife.

It is one incredible tool for all your leveling as well as point-transfer jobs—a level, plumb bob, and chalk line all in one package.

It is the ideal device for your 90-degree layouts while the 180-degree fan angle allows you to place it in a corner for layout of the complete room.

7. Bosch GLL 1P Point & Line Laser Level

There are very many people who are using this model of laser line level today, with more seeking to have it.

It is a feature-rich device that projects a bright single laser line guided by a great technology for effortless applications. You can either apply the laser horizontally or vertically.

The device features an easy-grip handle for providing convenient access and ease-of-use for anyone.

6. Stanley Cubix Cross Line Laser

This Line laser is recommended for you who want to complete any types of projects accurately. This device is going to project bright horizontal and also vertical lines to the flat surface.

There are some reasons why this line laser can be a perfect unit that you could use nowadays. This device has good mounting system and also quick link bracket.

Its laser is able to reach up to 40 inches length. This line laser also has locking pendulum, in order to prevent damage the any internal components from this device.

5. Black & Decker BDL220S Laser Level

Black and Decker BDL220S is another great performance laser leveler available today on the marketplace. It is made of plastic material which is durably high quality.

The material is light, however, making the device easily portable. The unit further has two bubble vials which are vital for increased visibility or any user.

It has a 360-degree rotating wall attachment for allowing you to project the laser beam to any angle with ease.

4. SKIL MT8201 Self Leveling Line Laser

The SKIL MT8201 can project horizontal, vertical, as well as laser cross lines for perfect leveling needs, a laser line feature that can help you make perfect level.

The horizontal laser line has a 120-degree fan angle that is useful in ensuring you get to well manage both the position and angle from this device effortlessly.

This model further features automatic sensing level which is good for improved accuracy. All you need is press the button featured at the unit’s top and it is ready for the job.

3. HAMMERHEAD HLCL01 Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

Hammerhead HLCL01 is an incredibly functional laser line leveler with lots of benefits and features for anyone.

It is an ideal device for those who need perfect tile leveling, window repairs, door installation, as well as other home improvement duties/projects.

It features great accuracy which is vital in supporting your needs sufficiently. The laser leveler boasts about 300-ft range. It provides 3 laser line modes—cross-line, level, and plumb.

2. Johnson Level & Tool 40-0921 Cross-Line Laser Level Kit

If you need to be using a powerful laser line level kit, this product could be your finest bet. It features a 360-degree graduated base for allowing you to have great angle layout for your perfect projects.

Its combination of horizontal and vertical layouts ensures improved performance from this unit.

It further integrates locking mechanism, a technology for protecting any of the device’s parts, especially during travels. It also can emit cross-line laser precisely. 🙂

1. DEWALT DW088K Cross-Line Laser

This is a highly popular self-leveling line laser with a lot of features that allows you to enjoy you moment using it. It is a very useful product for project crossing horizontal and vertical lines to support your leveling needs.

It further includes over-molded housing as well as water resistant parts for great durability and improved delivery, and ensuring that it can be used anywhere you need it.

it also integrates magnetic pivoting base for maintaining stability and convenience.

More models of laser line levels exist on the market for sale, but for the serious construction professional or novice in need of a top performance model, the options highlighted in the above top 10 best laser line levels in 2016 reviews underscore the best quality devices in this niche for your perfect job results. 😀