Top 10 Best Massage Chairs In 2017

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Do you have a hectic eight to five job? Do you suffer frequent back and joint pains because of your hectic desk-based job?

If you do not have enough money to pay for professional massage services on a regular basis, but want to stay healthy and well rejuvenated, one of the best household accessories that can help is a quality massage chair.

Most model are affordable, have well-padded interior that support and keep users as comfortable as possible, and have realistic massage technology that knead muscles, massage hands and the back, and promote better body function overall with minimal effort from the user.

They are also space efficient, manufactured using long lasting components, and come assembled and ready-to-use from most reputable stores. For the best experience, the 10 best are:

10. Comfort Products 60-078011

To massage and rejuvenate your body after a long-day’s work or hectic trip, 60-078011by Comfort Products is one of the best massage chairs to use.

It is durable, has a soft and deluxe design that cushions and supports the body well, and stylish and waterproof brown cover that boosts comfort levels further.

This chair’s seal reclines for optimal support.

The eight motor massage system on offer vibrates to sooth and relax muscles of the upper back, calves, thighs, and mid back, while its five intensity levels and nine pre-programmed random modes allow you to choose independent massage mode and optimize massages to induce your desired effect.

You also get heat treatment for the lumbar area, micro-suede upholstery that do not irritate the skin even when used for long, and an easy to setup design.

9. HomCom Deluxe

Recommended for both male and female massage enthusiasts, HomCom is a deluxe brown-themed vibrating massage chair with a safe heated system that works fast and efficiently.

To keep users as comfortable as possible, its seat is ergonomic and has padding that conforms to the body’s orientation.

The PU leather used to make its cover is soft, water-resistant, and has a well-finished surface that does not irritate nor lower the experience of users in any way whilst massaging.

This way, whether you like massing in clothing or in your birthday suit, you do not have to worry about this chair absorbing sweat and developing the uncharacteristic odor that some fabric models often develop.

The advanced massage system offers has five pre-set modes that target most areas of the body (legs, thighs, lumbar, and upper body).

Its seat reclines and spins over a 360-degree orientation, while the attached remote that it comes with guarantees a convenient hands-free operation in homes and or spas.

8. Earthlite Vortex

To enjoy a relaxing massage experience at home without spending a hefty amount on a chair, Earthlite Vortex is one of the best accessories to buy.

Even though cheap, this black-themed accessory is durable, super-comfortable, and has an advanced massage system that stimulates various areas of the body simultaneously for a fast and lasting experience.

If storage space is a limitation, this massage chair is compact and made of a super strong aircraft-grade aluminum frame that supports up to 300 pounds.

It is also lightweight, comes with a comfortable sternum pad that protects your spinal cord from injury, while its simple and functional design fold to save more space when not in use.

When in use, this chair’s expertly engineered system soothes the body safely.

The two-year limited warranty for cushions and limited lifetime construction warranty offered by its manufacturer reflects its overall value.

7. BestMassage Full Body Massager

Considered among the most advanced massagers for home use, BestMassage is a feature-rich full body massager with a unique zero gravity system that works well.

It has a steady frame that does not creak nor lose its structural integrity over time. The recliner chair on offer is large (increases massage area by up to 60% on all sides), well-padded for optimal comfort, and offers better coverage of the thigh, hips, waist, back, shoulder, and neck for a faster and lasting experience.

The built-in shiatsu massage system offers multiple methods of stimulating massage (refresh, recover, extend, and relax), while its OPTO sensor identified shoulder position well for a custom massage.

With an original, you also get an integrated roller that boosts immunity, promotes better sleeping, and improves blood circulation and a heated waist area that eliminates backaches, soothes stiff weight, and soothes stomach cold.

6. Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

Kahuna LM6800 by Kahuna Massage Chair is a high-performance recliner massage chair that ranks among the top 10 best massage chairs in 2017 for several reasons.

Its affordability, for instance, is invaluable for individuals with a tight budget.

The two level zero gravity technology on offer works smoothly, while the yoga, L-track, and heating functions that it comes with rank it among the most multi-functional models for home use. With it, therefore, you can experiment with several types of massages at different orientations to find the best.

You will also massage many areas of your body at the same time without sacrificing comfort and or safety. Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 is an FDA-registered medical-grade device.

It measures 65 x 30 x 40 inches, supports up to 249 pounds, and features and has a computer scan technology that not only tracks body size, but also optimizes performance to match your stature. Kahuna Massage offers a three-year limited warranty for this chair.

5. Dorel Living Recliner

Recommended in top 10 best massage chairs in 2017 reviews, Dorel Living is an aesthetic chocolate-themed massage chair with an advanced dual recline system that orients the body naturally for a custom and enjoyable experience.

It is affordable, has a well padded and luxurious design that conforms to the orientation of the body for optimal support, and has a stable frame and seat with a novel lever releases that controls its recline function.

The dual setting (high and low) zone massage system offered work in synergy or independently.

The fully upholstered chair pad that it comes with supports the knees and legs well, while its sewn in back cushions and foam seating not only boost the comfort level, but also durability of this one of a kind rocking massage chair. An original will meet all your relaxation needs.

4. Ideal Massage Chair

Featuring a luxurious Shiatsu massage system, a fully featured zero gravity system, and a built-in heat massaging technology, Ideal massage chair is a well-made home and commercial accessory that ranks among the bestselling in the massage chair niche.

It is durable, has an exclusive and well-padded design that cushions and supports the body well for optimal massage, and a compact and simple construction that does not require skill to setup and or use.

With 14 preset massage systems, Ideal Massage works better than most comparable products in the market.

It also has a 30-minute uninterrupted massage, soothes both the upper and lower body optimally, and has humanized massage mechanisms like spinal rolling, shiatsu, kneading, and vibrating that boosts the experience of users further. You get a three-year warranty.

3. Panasonic Epma70Cx

By choosing Panasonic Epma70Cx, you get a stylish Ice Ivory-themed massage chair that works as well as it looks. The light yet sturdy frame used to manufacture it is durable and supports colossal weight whilst in use.

The five manual and six automated massage systems boost its functionality significantly, while its heated massage heads relax and condition the neck and upper back muscles to alleviate the stress associated with working behind desks.

If you have a hectic day job, therefore, you will be able to relax and normalized bodily on demand without spending a hefty amount of money.

Unlike most seats that offers only heated and vibration massage, Panasonic Epma70Cx has a multi-functional system that offers additional techniques such as shoulder massage for stimulating the lymphatic system; buttock, pelvis, and thigh tightening; and calf massage that improve blood circulation to the extremities.

2. BestMassage Electric Shiatsu Chair

Durable, technologically advanced, and manufactured using the quality parts and materials, this shiatsu chair by BestMassage is a well-designed electric accessory with a comfortable recliner seat that orients the body well for optimal comfort.

It is durable, has a compact and easy-to-setup design, and has a heated stretched foot rest that massage the extremities well to promote proper blood circulation.

The compression and percussion rollers that it comes with improve posture, mobility, and flexibility.

The power rollers on offer eliminate muscle stress and fatigue, while the one-year labor and parts manufacturer’s warranty offered reflects its value.

1. T & D Enterprises Massaging Chair

Top on our list, this massaging chair by T and D Enterprises is a black-themed leather recliner seat with a well-padded reclining seat and leather-wrapped base that optimize the users comfort.

Its cushioned and double-padded back seat supports the body well.

The convenient on-board controls ease usage, while its integrated right side pocket offers sufficient storage space for personals such as phone, keys, and even magazines.

You also get 5 pre-programmed settings, optimal kneading power for fast and lasting results, and a simple yet reliable design that retails cheap online.