Top 10 Best Nail Clippers In 2016

Nail grooming is a very good activity that, if not done using the best devices that are specially made for the task, would pose heath and injury risk.

However, a good percentage of people across the world have the tendency to sometimes, or all times, neglect nail decoration, or are often doing it the wrong way using insecure tools.

Grooming the nails, for instance, is a great way of improving your physical appeal and neatness, which significantly boosts your confidence. Moreover, having well-groomed nails reduces the risk of catching bacterial infections and scratch-related injuries,specially among the elderly and kids.

Fungal infections are also less likely to occur to well cleaned and groomed nails. That said, you ought to get yourself a good quality and safe functional nail clipper which will provide you the foregoing benefits and a lot more.

Choosing the best model, however, is a hard task made so by the countless models available on the marketplace today.

You are reading the right article, though, for if you read to the end, you will discover the top 10 best nail clippers in 2016, from which you can select your favorite model that best helps you meet your nail grooming needs. Keep reading on.  🙂

10. Swiss Army Victorinox Nail Clippers

This is one among the best nail clippers that are available on the marketplace today.

Made by the highly reputable Swiss Army, Victorinox Nail Clipper is a certainly rated model that provides lots of benefits in your nail grooming task.

It is made of high quality and durable stainless steel, making it very safe when using it to cut your nails. It is popular for its strength and long lasting performance. 😀

You just need to use it properly and take good care of it and you can be sure to use it for years.

However, it has a lightweight construction to make it simple to handle while its compact design makes it easily portable, at only 0.6 ounces.

9. Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

It is usually a challenging task to groom baby’s nails, and it is unfortunate that every caring parent has to deal with it from time to time.

If your baby’s nails are overgrown, this increases the risk of catching bacteria, injuries and scratches, and you therefore need to use his high quality work Sleep-baby clipper by Safety 1st to trim them.

It features a sturdy and ergonomic design made of high quality and safe stainless-steel to ensure safety and durability. Moreover, it is a slip-proof model that features safe curved cutting edges that slices through your baby’s nails securely and cleanly.

Its emery board slot gives a safe filling of the nails as you cut. To further lower the risk of suffering injuries and ensure trouble-less nail cutting, it integrates a LED light that relevence the baby’s tiny nails for safer and best clipping experience.  😉

8. HIG Golden Nail Clipper

If you are planning to get yourself a great quality nail clipper, HIG Golden could be your best bet today. It is an elegant model that is made of premium-grade durable and rustproof materials, allowing you to use it for quite long time with minimum maintenance.  😀

It has a very attractive design that makes you want to groom your nails every other time they appear to have grown again. It has electroplating treatment which delivers the best kind and safe nail-clipping experience.

Its sharp blades are also very safe for easier and risk-free performance. Moreover, the product is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee from the HIG Company.

7. Clyppi Best Nail Clipper Set

This is a top performance nail clipper set you can consider buying today.

These Clyppi Best Nail Clippers consists an ergonomic design to comfortably suit the contours of your hand in order to be comfortable to hold, and they are very easy to use, even by persons with weak hand issues and arthritic conditions.

They are made of high-grade stainless steel that incorporates premium brushed steel finish, making them long lasting and convenient to use.

They are handy for cutting fingernails and toenails as well and cleanly, ensuring no cases of cracked or ugly torn nails, which is also made possible by the sharp blades that are made for your safety.  🙂

The set includes a 2.6-inch long fingernail clipper and 3.4-inch long toenail clipper.

6. MoxyCut FingerNail Clipper Set

MoxyCut provides a great performance set of nail clippers with superior grip.

They feature specially designed rubber inserts on the handles that ensure a stable grip from any angle, ensuring that you get an ideal clip anytime. Their stylish design are exciting, with each clipper professionally crafted to have sleek, sexy design that will make you and the people around you experience nail clipping with them.

Their smart construction of durable stainless steel with conveniently placed rubber grips make clipping nails fun, easy and safe.  😉

They feature sharp premium-grade pure steel blades that can successfully handle any type of nails, and they also have sharp and perfectly aligned teeth to ensure a perfect cut even for the guys who have trouble squeezing.

They are protected by a 100 percent lifetime replacement warranty. 

5. Tweezerman Deluxe Nail Clipper Set

If you need a high performance and also elegant model of nail clipper, take a look at the Tweezerman Deluxe Set.

The set has great nail clippers specially made for excellent and durable performance to safely support your nail grooming needs. 😀

The clippers have sharp and very sturdy, easy to clean quality blades that are made of stainless steel.

They feature very ergonomic design and harmonize precision-cut system that allows you to safely trim your fingernails and/or toenails accurately and neatly. It is a safe set of nail clippers that any person can use.

4. The First Years American Deluxe Nail Clipper

This is another top and precision-performance model of nail clipper you can buy today.

It is a feature-rich, American-made nail clipper which is suitable for personal as well as  use. It has a high-grade stainless steel and plastic build which is both aesthetic and durable.

it features high-precision sharp cutting blades that are made of safe-grade stainless steel, and which are scalable for trimming smaller nails.

It is a safe clipper to use, with its ergonomic and non-slip design ensuring stability and convenience of use.

It is a comfortable nail clipper model that again features a 4x fold-way magnifying lens that lowers your eye strain as you are grooming smaller as well as tender nails.

3. Clyppi15 Fingernails Clipper

Clyppi15 Nail Clippers from Clyppi is highly popular and efficient product that is ergonomically designed in order to comfortably fit into your hands, with wide, easy press and convenient levers. 🙂

It is an easy to use fingernail clipper. It features a high quality, durable, and elegant matte finish that makes it stay looking great and new for real long time and makes it non-slip for a firm and safe nail clipping experience.

Moreover, a superior performance nail file and cleaner is included, making it safer and easier to achieve cleanly groomed and shaped nails.

It is a highly rated and positively reviewed by satisfied customers, a testament to its great performance and impressive ease of use.

2. Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper

Featuring a very handy nail file to keep the promise of delivering a precise and clean nail clipping experience with its sharp edges and ensuring no nail splitting, tearing or ripping, the SS-106 Seki Edge Fingernail Clipper is a bestselling nail clipping tool designed to ensure the best experience when you get to cutting and trimming your nail for the cleanest and safest results.

Moreover, this clipper has cast iron lever that incorporates a stainless steel matte finish, allowing you to have a stable and precise hold and position for ease of use and safe nail clipping experience. 🙂

It is among the most incredibly popular and widely sought-after models of the available nail clippers around the world today.

1. Harperton Klipit Nail Clipper Set

The Harperton Klipit Set of Nail Clippers includes clippers with ergonomic and unique design handles ideal for perfect cradling of nails, making f them more convenient to use and ensuring a more confident clip anytime.

Their hand-sharpened high-quality stainless-steel great blades can cut even the toughest and thickest of nails easily and smoothly without the need for filing, ensuring no nail cracking.

They are designed to work on various nail types, including for men, seniors, women, babies, and the elderly, and they are simple to maintain.

The product is backed with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and also a lifetime replacement warranty, providing incredible buyer confidence.

You need to be sure you are using a safe and quality performance tool whenever you clip your nails for the best look and cleanest results, and you ought to know that not all models of nail clippers you find out there will guarantee you that.

However, choosing your favorite product that best suit your nail grooming needs from the above discussed top 10 best nail clippers in 2016 is the most confident way to o about it. 😀