Top 10 Best Onion Choppers In 2017

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It is a patent fact that onion is one of the most widely used ingredient, both at home and in commercial ventures such as restaurants, everywhere around the world. Onions are commonly affordable vegetables that, as well as adding great flavor to different delicacies, deliver numerous benefits to body health.

However, it goes without saying that it is a very frustrating task to chop onions.

The strong, often disturbing smell freshly sliced onion produce can make you shed tears, let alone sneeze, and leave you quite distracted.

As such, if you frequently prepare fresh foods at home or are a chef by profession where you use these vegetables as a common ingredient, and every time you have to chop or slice them is a fresh struggle, it is about time you gave yourself a lift out of it.

Fortunately, this article has got you covered. All you need is read through to the end and discover your new grace in these top 10 best onion choppers in 2017.

They are great products that have been constructed using high quality materials to hold up for long, BPA-free for your health safety, and designed to be simple but functional to be both easy to use yet deliver high performance. Keep reading to the end.

10. Ohana Magic

Designed specially to excellently help you chop onions, salsa, tomatoes, garlic, as well as a other various vegetables with great ease, Ohana Magic is one of the best recommended devices you can use to conveniently chop your onions.

It is a multi-functional accessory ideal for any kitchen, built with a compact and light design for convenient handling and storage.

It is again a durable model whose frame is made of food-grade plastic and features a blade system of stainless steel, and has an expertly engineered design for chopping and slicing onions, fruits, as well as other vegetables to the precise and preferred sizes with minimal effort required.

With your safety kept in mind, Ohana Magic is created to minimize the peril that you used to struggle with while using knives to do your veggie chopping.

This product is also simple to clean up, remarkable reduces the frustrating onion vapors, allowing you enjoy a convenient, comfortable, and tear-free onion chopping experience.

What’s more, it is commendably durable to offer you with long time service.

9. OXO Good Grips Chopper

This is another model among the top best performance devices used for chopping onions conveniently, safely, and fast.

OXO good Grips presents this highly durable and versatile multi-functional kitchen product that is optimized to deliver precision, speed, and incontestable safety to the user.

Contrary to traditional chopper models that feature static blades and demand for brute force to dice, slice, and/or chop, yet with all the risk of slicing your finger too; the OXO Good Grip chopper features a detachable blade cartridge that rotates freely to ensure precision and evenness in chopping, regardless of the type of vegetable you are preparing.

This model is also simple to set up, easy to use, and a breeze to clean up. thanks to its comfortable knob system, users are always free to work stress-free for even long hours, while its internal bumper that besides dampening vibrations, protects any vegetables being sliced from scarring, which is a common sight if poor design models are used.

OXO Good Grips offers this chopper at an attractive price, and for your freedom and joy, it includes an enclosed capsule for holding the onion vapors.

8. Progressive International Onion Chopper

This onion chopper by Progressive International features an ultra sharp and also durable, top performance blade made of stainless steel.

It brings the right engineering to dice onions in a matter of seconds and with irreproachable ease and you will be impressed to find that all what you need to do is press the closing lid.

Mindful of the challenges associated with onion chopping, this highly rated product is specially designed to highly facilitate user convenience by preventing the chances for strong smell or tear shedding.

It is also an easy to use chopping tool that features a reinforced plastic construction that ensures great durability and performance.

Moreover, it comes with a sturdy collection container that has measurement prints on the side, providing precise measurements and minimizing waste.

And what’s more, the product is simple to clean and dishwasher safe, which is another selling point.

7. Freshware KT-402 3-in-1 Onion Chopper

Ranking among the greatest in this category, the Freshware KT-402 is an impressively advanced 3-in-1 onion chopper for perfectly slicing and dicing onions in different sizes as preferred by different individuals, and does so in one swift motion.

This product can also chop and/or slice other types of vegetables, cheese, and fruits with the same delivery as with onions.

It features all BPA-free parts to ensure no chemical harm to the user, while its expertly designed blade cutting system alleviates the risk of the traditional knives frequently predispose their users to.

Buy this device and you will enjoy the services and capacity of a durable 500ml container for containing onion vapors tightly to avert any event of tear shedding, while its three very sharp and interchangeable blades that are made of durable stainless steel are rust and corrosion resistant, do not dull even after long time use, and the whole unit has a simple to handle 11 by 4.5 by 3-inch great design.

6. Zyliss Easy-Pull Manual

This easy-pull manual chopper and food processor by Zyliss is the compact ultimate tool for easy and convenient onion chopping to use today.

It is a highly versatile tool perfect chopping your meal preps ingredients, and you can also use it for pureeing and blending your food products.

It features a patented Swiss design blade that precisely cuts any types of onions, even carrots and such hard foods.

Featuring a booster arm for uniform chopping results of small and large amounts, it accordingly has a 25-ounce large bowl.

Its functionality, design, and durability are the expertise of a 60-year experience in manufacturing quality kitchenware.

If you are often preparing food for a large family or number of people, this is the device for your ideal onion chopping.

5. Brieftons Manual Food Chopper

Compact and light, and constructed with premium-grade stainless steel and plastic, this is a hand-held high-performance chopper featuring a superbly designed manual system that, for its multi-functionality, minces and blends different vegetables and fruits, among them onions, garlic, and herbs.

Providing great durability, it includes a large three-cup container, convenient and large handle for not only easing control but also boosting user safety and comfort.

For its compactness it is travel-worthy, and the parts are phthalate and BPA-free for your safety.

4. Starfrit Multi-function Swizzz Prozzz

It is new and multi-functional, a certified vegetable chopper that could be the thing you need for your onion chopping needs. It is a pretty popular kitchen accessory today.

With it you will be able to precisely and easily chop any vegetables, including onions and garlic, among other many food ingredients.

As well as other thing, you will get a herbs spinner when you buy this food chopper model. It includes a considerable capacity container and it can excellently chop up to three onions at once.

It is highly versatile with double-sharpened blades that perform perfectly to superbly cut any vegetables or fruits.

3. Proctor Silex 72500RY Chopper

Proctor Silex is well-known, and their 72500RY chopper is a real hand in helping prepare a myriad dishes quite fast and easily thanks to its high performance single speed blade made of quality stainless steel.

it features a pulse-speed control that allows you to manage how finely you prefer your ingredients. With it, onion chopping is a simple sip of water and enjoyable.

It is easy to clean up for its bowl, blade and lid are dishwasher safe. It also has a sleek, compact design, occupying limited space for easier storage.

2. ORBLUE All-In-One Onion Chopper

With a great set of special prongs of stainless steel and a comfortably stable plastic handle, this is a uniquely designed onion holder, chopper, and odor remover from ORBLUE.

The design is light but stable enough to stand daily abuse.

You can use this affordable product to evenly slice or chop onion, cucumber, or potato, thanks to its super-sharp tines which effortlessly slide into even hard veggies, delivering great results effortlessly.

Its guides prevent ingredients against slipping off, while a non-slip convenient handle ensure no risks of scrapes or cuts. It is durable and hand washable, rust and corrosion resistant.

1. Vidalia Chop Wizard

Now, if you are strongly convinced that it is about time you added a real great onion chopper to your kitchen accessories for easier and stress-free food preps, this green-themed Vidalia Chop Wizard is you most rewarding choice to make.

Top among the best models and a bestseller on Amazon, it features a conveniently light and simple to use design that precisely chops onions and other veggies, as well as cheese in an effortless swift motion.

Again, it dices with effect and precision, thanks to its dual ultra-sharp disks of durable stainless steel, and features a convenient catch container for trapping irritating vapors, and that doubles as an accurately and legibly marked measuring cup.

You can’t go wrong with this model.

You will certainly discover other models of onion choppers when you browse the Internet, but one thing is for sure: the above discussed top 10 best onion choppers in 2017 reviews stand apart when it comes to precise and easy performance in dicing, chopping or slicing onions and other pertinent foods.

They are the best the market has, and choosing one among them will be the safest decision you make.