Top 10 Best Professional Portable Massage Tables In 2016

We all go through the clash of life daily in search of greener pastures to put food on the table. A career to build, a store to run, reports to file, athletes to coach, or just an office to report to.

Normal working hours elapse and after a long day we need to have our shoulders rubbed and bodies massaged.

That is when a body massage becomes vital to us. For you to enjoy your body massage, you need to book an interview at a parlor with comfortable massage tables.

As the owner of a massage parlor, you need to invest in high-quality portable massage tables. Below is a list of some of the best professional portable massage tables.

10. Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table, Black

The Sierra Comfort massage table is an affordable item to consider purchasing in your parlor.

Do you want to please your clients with the comfort it will offer them, don’t you? With the high density of 2 inches it has been made of, your customers are likely to receive a breathtaking massage experience. With a weight of 36 lbs, Sierra Comfort is easy to transport.

Being waterproof and oil resistant, this particular massage table will offer you and your clients long lasting massage services.

9. New 84’’L 3 Fold Massage Table Portable Facial Bed W/ Sheet Bolsters Carry Case

The massage table is made of 2cm thick padding, which makes it easy for you to fold. With the dimension of length 72 cm and height 30cm, it becomes easy for you to carry it to a preferred working station. 🙂

Good for anyone who wants a home massage table with a limited budget. Importantly, New 84” massage table comes with free accessories like adjustable headrest for your head rubbing and a free face pillow to rest your face on, as you enjoy the massage. 😀

8. Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

Uniquely designed with a sturdy hardwood for stability, this massage table is comfortable for you or your clients. It has a large surface area of face rest to accommodate contrasting types and sizes of shapes. 🙂

This table is equipped with an adjustable headrest, which can be left off for quicker setup on the go.

The legs of this massage table are solid and non-slip to rule out  sliding on various types of floors like tiles. 😉

7. Black Portable Massage Table

This economical massage table is available in most outlets, which make your demands easily met. Made of high-density luxury padding, the table will ensure that you enjoy your massage training. 😀

With a forward arm rest shelf and side arm extenders, your arms are guaranteed full comfort and flexibility during your massage.

Inclusive is a standard accessory kit with a forward armrest shelf to buffer your arms. This is one of the best portable massage tables to consider. 🙂

6. Professional 77” Long 30’’ Wide 4’’ Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table

One of the best massage tables that is easy to negotiate on price in the market. This table comes with entire well to do parts, which make your massage enjoyable.

With an flexible headrest and armrest, this table is easy to fold and unwrap which makes moving it easier. 🙂

With the four-inch thick luxury density, you will definitely enjoy your massage. Ideal for home users and new practitioners who are looking for comfortable massage tables.

5. Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Tables

The Sierra Comfort massage table is made of sturdy maple hardwood for stability.

With the high-density foam of 2.5 inches, this table will offer you back and front comfort as you enjoy your massage.

Propelled with a help that conforms to the natural shape of the body, this table is suitable for all body types. You will enjoy the adjustable face crib to cushion your face as you enjoy your massage.

4. BestMassage Black Reiki Portable Massage Table

This massage table comes with a free carrying premium case for easy carriage during movement.

Made of thick birch hardwood for stability, it is one of the best massage tables that will offer you comfort. 😀

Its adjustable height of 26” to 36” makes it possible for you to fold and unfold if need be.Furnished with numerous accessories like waterproof PU leather, this massage table will serve you for a long duration.

3. BestMassage Premium All Inclusive Complete Portable Massage Table Package

This table is one of the portable massage tables that come with100 percent cotton fitted sheets to spread during your massage.

The sheets will make the surface of the massage table, gentle for your skin.

With the high-quality beach timber of 2.5- inch it is made of, this massage table is stable enough to carry any amount of weight. The oil pouch covered with the table enables you to store your massage oil regularly. 😉

2. Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Amongst the best massage tables with a complete body massage solution; this table comes with a starter pack of oil pouch to store your massage oil and a towel hanger to hold your massage towels in place. 😀

To offer protective services to the table, the pack comes with a set of fitted cotton sheets.

Along the leg backing are tension wires to offer durability and strength. This massage table is our top two best on the list.

1. BestMassage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table

Topping our list is the BestMassage Two Fold table, which comes with high-quality upholstery combined with two-inch thick padding for protection.

Equip with a freely adjustable headrest to enable you to place your head in any position during your massage, our number one massage table comes with an additional face pillow for facial massage and a free pair of hand rest for your hands during the massage.

The tables’ weight of 450LB makes it easy to fold and unfold as you pack it in the free case it comes with.  

With the continuous cropping up of day to day activities and responsibilities of human beings as they strive to make ends meet, there is a need to visit massage parlors or have a massage done at home. 😀

Massage tables become the vital specification during the process. One way of ensuring that you receive proper body massage is by earn a comfortable, durable table.

Above is a list of some of the best professional portable massage tables.

Why don’t you consider picking one as you go shopping? there is something for each massage lover. 🙂