Top 10 Best Wet-Dry Vacuums In 2017

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Choosing the right vacuum for cleaning your shop can prove to be a difficult task especially with the many vacuum cleaners joining the market every day.

If not careful, you can easily end up purchasing one that will not be effective to conduct your cleaning or worse you could buy a vacuum that will start malfunctioning within a few weeks.

To help you get the best wet/dry shop vacuum is the following detailed review:

10. Hoover Commercial Shoulder Backpack Vacuum

The Hoover Commercial Shoulder Backpack Vacuum has been designed close up cleaning.

The vacuum is usually carried as a backpack with shoulder straps. It only weighs 9.2lbs and therefore it will not cause a lot of fatigue during cleaning.

Since you can carry the vacuum, you will be able to clean your shop’s shelves and other upper areas much easily. The vacuum can take as much as 6.4quarts of debris and dust.

The clear dome lid allows you to check the amount of dust or debris in the vacuum making it easy to know when it is almost full.

Its filtration will pick up dust mites, pollen, allergens, etc.

9. Vacmaster 4 Gallon Wet/Dry Floor Vacuum

This Vacmaster wet and dry floor vacuum is attached to a 4-gallon dust container. The container is, therefore, large enough allowing for extensive cleaning through in large rooms or halls.

It has a 7 feet hose and an 18-feet cord wrapped properly to protect the cord extending its life span.

The long cord will assist you to reach remote areas under the desks or shelves to ensure effective cleaning is done at every point.

The vacuum has one of those powerful two stages industrial motors that provide high suction as the vacuum remains quiet avoiding inconveniencing others.

The vacuum has a triple filtration system and is lightweight for better portability.

8. Shop Vacuum 1.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

This particular vacuum cleaner has been designed in a compact manner to making it ideal for small shop uses. The vacuum can be wall mounted, and it occupies a very small space. It can clean both wet and dry floors.

Its tank is made of a rust resistant material, and therefore, cleaning of wet floors does not expose it to any risk. It has an auto float shut-off system that assists in preventing overflow during wet pickup.

The tanker has a top and side handles for better handling in different circumstances.

The vacuum is super quiet has wheels at its base for improved mobility.

7. Dewalt Cordless Portable Vacuum

The Dewalt cordless portable vacuum is one of the most convenient vacuum that can be used to carry out close-up cleaning.

With this vacuum, you can either suck dust through its front nozzle or you can use the extendable rubber hose to access remote areas. This hose is made of a sturdy rubber that has made it very flexible and durable.

Its tank has a half a gallon capacity with a conveniently placed latch that makes emptying and cleaning of the reservoir an easy task.

Its filter trap is washable and can be rinsed with water to prevent blocking and improve its performance. Its on/off switch is also large and well positioned to be accessed quickly.

6. Vacmaster 6 Gallon Stainless Steel Vacuum

The Vacmaster 6 gallon stainless steel vacuum is made of a reasonably large tank for holding dust.

With its 6 gallon capacity, you can conduct proper cleaning in every part of the shop in one round without having to empty it in between. Its wrapped cord is 12 feet long while the hose is 7ft long.

It has an air control nozzle and multiple surface floor nozzles that allow the vacuum to be usable in different types of floors.

This stainless steel unit will clean both dry and wet floors without risk of generating rust. The vacuum has a round brush for taking dust and a reusable foam sleeve.

Its top has a balanced handle to lift it much quickly. You can also push the vacuum around thanks to the wheels at the bottom.

5. Dewalt Corded/Cordless Vacuum

With this Dewalt vacuum, you can decide to either operate it with an AC outlet cord attached or cordless using the 18v/20v battery.

If you choose to use a battery then, you are advised to ensure that it does not exceed 20v.

The HEPA filter traps have an efficiency rate of 99.97% in the ambush of dust during dry or wet cleaning. The filter is reusable and can always be washed to keep it functioning properly.

Its hose is 5 feet long, and its material is crush-resistant making it durable.

4. Hoover GUV ProGrade Utility Vacuum

The Hoover GUV ProGrade utility vacuum is commonly used in workshops and garages. The bag-less vacuum has a very high capacity perfect for performing extensive cleaning.

The vacuum is made of a heavy duty steel material making guaranteeing you durable services.

Its filter has a self-cleaning system and therefore you will never need a bag or other filters to replace it! Its 10amp motor is powerful enough for effective suctioning but is also quiet.

The vacuum is packed with one upholstery nozzle, one-floor nozzle and a dusting brush to working together for more desirable results.

3. Vacmaster 12 Gallon Vacuum with Detachable Blower

If you are having problems getting the best wet/dry vacuum for cleaning your extra-large, then this one is made for you. The vacuum has an enormous 12-gallon tank for proper uninterrupted cleaning.

The vacuum has a reusable foam sleeve and a cartridge filter that will ensure effective cleaning and filtering is done. It comes with two extension wands, a utility nozzle, and a car nozzle to diversify its usability. The vacuum’s cord is 12ft while the hose is 7ft long.

Its blower has a powerful 210mph speed in blowing and can be detached easily when not in use or during storage. The vacuum has an on/off dust seal switch.

2. Shop Vac Peak HP Stainless Steel Vacuum

This shop vacuum has a 5-gallon tank made of stainless steel. Since the steel is stainless, you will be able to clean wet floors with this vacuum, and it will never catch rust.

The tank has roll casters at the bottom that have made it conveniently mobile. You will be able to push the vacuum from one part of your shop to the next without sweating.

The power cord is 6 feet long, and the vacuum has a rear blower port where you can attach a blower. The vacuum comes with 3extension wands and a 10” wet/dry nozzle.

This wet/dry vacuum cleaner is perfect for a small shop.

1. Armor All 2.5 Gallon Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum

The armor all utility vacuum operates on a two horsepower motor.

This motor offers powerful suction that is good enough to clean both dry and wet floors comfortably. The vacuum will, therefore, pick all the dry and wet debris on your floors leaving your shop’s floor looking stunning.

The cord is 10 foot long while the hose is 6-foot allowing flexible cleaning within a reasonable radius. To prevent overflow during cleaning is an automatic shut-off system.

This vacuum has proven to be very popular among most people because it offers proper cleaning selling at a very affordable price.