BWA News Vol 1 Cover Pic*BWA News Vol 1 - June 2, 2007 (click here to download)*

Check out the Boston Workers Alliance’s first Newsletter, produced by the Media Committee. “BWA News” has pictures from the April 19th, March for Jobs & CORI Reform, an interview with a CORI Friendly Employer, our regular “CORI Story,” and the colum “Ask Chuck.”

Download a copy for free by clicking above - please be patient, it is a large (8mb) file.


Inside This Issue of Boston Workers Alliance News:

- A Movement Marches for CORI Reform
- CORI Story – Profile of Stanley Porter, Sr.
- BWA Mission Statement
- The Public Safety Act of 2007
- Ask Chuck
- Getting Involved With BWA Committees
- CORI Friendly Employers
- BWA in Review