November 7, 2007
4:00 pmto7:00 pm

*Click here to download flyer CORI Hearing 11/7/07*
Demand CORI Reform in 2007!
Wednesday, Nov 7th
State House,
Gardener Auditorium

Governor Patrick’s Office will be holding a Public Hearing on CORI Reform this Wednesday at the State House. This hearing is open to community. Come out and testify, and hold the Governor accountable for his promises to reform CORI this year. Keep up the pressure! CORI Reform needs your support.


Our 2 Main Demands – Support the “Public Safety Act of 2007″

1) Pass “anti-discrimination” protections for job seekers with CORI. Prevent blanket “no-CORI” policies, and only allow employers to check criminal records if they have decided that they want to hire the applicant for a job.

2) Shorten the waiting period to seal a CORI to 3 years for a misdemeanor and 7 years for a felony. The current law allows employers to check offenses that are 10-15 years in the past.

Please tell a friend to tell a friend. CORI REFORM NOW!