Thank you for staying informed and supporting our efforts during this last year. We have made unprecedented progress in our movement for jobs and CORI reform. Let us increase our resolve to win dignity and economic justice in 2008.

While the struggle continues, we are better positioned to meet our objectives through the regular participation of over 250 active supporters. Every phone call and email you have made, every rally, march and hearing you have attended and every conversation you have had to build towards our cause is appreciated and important.

Please help us continue our work in 2008 by spreading the word and encouraging others to get involved with community efforts. In addition to striving for CORI reform at local and statewide levels, the BWA will be working to create new job opportunities through establishing a CORI friendly staffing agency in the coming year. To that end, BWA will be initiating community fundraising activities, which we hope you will also support.

The BWA is led by under- and unemployed workers who have united to challenge the crisis of joblessness in the community. Our leadership team of 20+ core members has been tireless in their dedication for the uplift of Greater Roxbury neighborhoods.

As coordinator of the BWA, my greatest thanks go out to our member-run board. They show us that disrespect from employers and legislators can be countered by self-respect; greed and racism can be overcome by collective action, justice and love. With our many coalition partners, we hope to build an undeniable movement that will help to free the people of Boston and beyond. It is an honor to be part of this righteous struggle!

From all of us at the BWA, thank you and Happy New Year!