CORI Fact Sheet

  • CORI stands for the Criminal Offender Record Information. It is a statewide database that records our contact with the court system.
  • When the CORI system was created in the 70’s, mostly law enforcement agencies were allowed to see this sensitive information.
  • The CORI includes criminal cases that have been found not guilty, without finding or dismissed.
  • Today, there are 2.8 million CORI profiles kept in Massachusetts.
  • in 1994, 1 out of 5 employers across the country used criminal records to screen potential job seekers. By 2004, 4 out of 5 employers checked for records in applications.
  • CORIs are used to fire workers, even those employed at a business for many years.
  • Today in Massachusetts, 10,000 organizations can access the CORI. Last year, 1.4 million profiles were given out.
  • In Massachusetts, CORI is used to deny people jobs, public housing, credit & student loans.
  • Many businesses will not hire anyone with a CORI, regardless of experience or education.
  • CORIs from felony convictions are open for at least 15 years; Misdemeanors are for 10 yrs.
  • For entry-level applicants, Blacks with records have a 5% chance of being called back for interviews. Blacks without records have a 14% chance. Whites with records have 17% chance, and whites without records have 34% chance.