In 2006, the Boston City Council, led by Chuck Turner, unanimously passed historic legislation mandating all businesses that have contracts with the City to end unwarranted CORI discrimination. The City renews about 2,000 contracts a year - all contracts as of July 1st will require businesses to abide by the hiring standards provided below, unless exempted through a waiver process.

Boston CORI Compliance Standards

1. The Vendor does not conduct a CORI check on an Applicant unless a CORI check is required by law or the Vendor has made a good faith determination that the relevant position is of such sensitivty that a CORI report is warranted.

2. The Vendor reviews the qualifications of an Applicant and determines that an Applicant is otherwise qualified for the relevant position before the Vendor conducts a CORI check. The Vendor does not conduct a CORI check for an Applicant that is not otherwise qualified for a relevant position.

3. If the vendor has been authorized by the CHSB to receive CORI reports consisting solely of conviction and case-pending information and the CORI report received by the Vendor contains other information (i.e. cases disposed favorably for the Applicant such as Not Guilty, Dismissal) then the Vendor informs the Applicant and provides the Applicant with a copy of CHSB’s information for the Applicant to pursue correction.

4. When the Vendor receives a proper CORI report of an Applicant that contains only the CORI information that the Vendor is authorized to receive and the Vendor is inclined to refuse, rescind, or revoke the offer of a position to an Applicant, then the Vendor complies with 803 CMR 6.11 by, including, but not limited to, notifying the Applicant of the potential adverse employment action, providing the Applicant with a photocopy of the CORI report received by the Vendor, informing the Applicant of the specific parts of the CORI report that concern the Vendor, providing an opportunitiy for the Applicant to discuss the CORI report with the Vendor including an opportunity for the Applicant to present information rebutting the accuracy and/or relevance of the CORI report, reviewing any information and documentation received from the Applicant, and documenting all steps taken to comply with 803 CMR 6.11.

5. The Vendor makes final employment-related decisions based on all of the information available to the Vendor, including the seriousness of the crime(s), the relevance of the crime(s), the age of the crime(s), and the occurrences in the lifeo f hte Applicant since the crime(s). If the final decision of the Vendor is adverse to the Applicant and results in the refusal, rescission, or revocation of a position with the Vendor then the Vendor promptly notifies the Applicant of the decision and the specific reasons therefor.