CORI Ordinance Campaign Announcement

Boston Workers Alliance is announcing a new campaign to create opportunities for job seekers with CORI. The City of Boston in partnership with community organizations passed a landmark CORI ordinance in 2005. “The Ordinance Regarding CORI” was implemented to help individuals with criminal records apply to non-sensitive positions with businesses that have contracts with the city.

The City contracts for goods and services with thousands of vendors. The city does not screen for CORI for there non-sensitive positions (children, elderly, disabled, handling large amounts of money). These vendors should have similar hiring practices as the city.

While this policy is a national model that has proven to be helpful there is no enforcement process with this ordinance. Boston Workers Alliance wants to add teeth to the ordinance and develop a review process and sanctions if vendors are out of compliance.

If you or your organization wants to support us in this effort please contact Hakim Cunningham – Lead Organizer @ [email protected]

Join us to fight the good fight and help put a dent in the unemployment rate in Boston. For more info on this ordinance here is a link to the actual document.

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