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Cooperative Economic Development

BWA’s Cooperative Economic Development program works to incubate a new, community controlled economy that can meet our own needs while creating good jobs for our residents.  BWA provides training and support for members to learn about worker-owned cooperatives and “green jobs” in order to build new businesses that model a just and sustainable economy.

Urban Agriculture and Community Gardening

BWA runs an Urban Agriculture project where members learn to develop their green thumb and grow organic and healthy food for our community.  BWA is working with City Growers and BNAN to help turn this program into a for-profit cooperative business that sells healthy produce to our community.  (read more…)

Boston Recycling Cooperative

BWA has partnered with MassCOSH to form a new recycling company that is based in
Roxbury/Dorchester and owned and operated by Black and Latino workers from our two organizations.  This multi-racial, multi-lingual start up project is an innovative demonstration of cooperative development in the green energy sector.  The Boston Recycling Cooperative is an expansion of BWA’s Roxbury Green Power that collects and recycles waste vegetable oil for use as a green alternative to diesel fuel.  Members are engaged in a 4 month participatory business planning process and the BRC will launch in spring of 2013.  Services will include waste vegetable oil collection, metals recycling and organic waste pick up and composting.