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Boston’s Unfinished March for Jobs & Justice

The Boston Commons was amazing on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 for the Unfinished March. Former City Council Chuck Turner speaks up for the City of Boston’s underemployed and unemployed community. The Boston Workers Alliance, Inc. issued a clarion call for a mobilization in Boston on the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. A coalition of neighborhood organizations, base building community organizing groups, labor unions, civil rights organizations, and faith communities gather to mark “re-remember, re-imagine, and relive the March for our times.

March for Jobs, Freedom, Justice Planned in Boston

Phillip Reason and Hakim Cunningham of the Boston Workers Alliance talk about the March for Jobs, Freedom and Justice planned for August 28 in Boston. Interview for BNN News. Aired August 26, 2013.

BWA Celebration & Fundraiser

We thank our supporters for joining the BWA in our Annual Celebration & Fundraiser on November 9, 2012!

We celebrated our accomplishments and our members, recognized our founding director Aaron Tanaka, and welcomed Chuck Wynder as our new executive director and member of the BWA family!

State Street Bank’s Economic Crimes

I.  State Street Bank Protest - Report Back

On Wed, May 16, BWA joined our MassUniting partners to take over the
State Street Bank’s Annual Shareholders Meeting.  State Street is
responsible for dodging corporate taxes, investing in private prisons,
defrauding pensions and outsourcing American jobs.  We bought over 50
shares and had our members attend the meeting as legitimate
stakeholders.  Once the meeting started, teams of protestors
interrupted the proceedings and demanded changes to State Street
Bank’s practices.  As protestors were escorted out of the meeting,
they joined a crowd of supporters outside who held a “public trial”
for State Street Corp, finding them guilty of major “corporate