BWA Voter Power Drive a Success

Between August and November 2nd, BWA members and volunteers led a deep voter outreach campaign in the Grove Hall area, knocking on over 4,500 doors and having conversations with close to 2,000 people.  Targeting Ward 12, Precincts 2, 6, 9, BWA helped increase voter turnout to the highest numbers for a Governor’s election in recent history.  BWA increased voter turnout in our precincts by 7.9% and had the single largest growth in voter turnout of any precinct in the Dudley / Grove Hall area.

Working with other organizations from the Civic Engagement Initiative, MassVote, and the No, No, No campaign, we also helped defeat two major ballot initiatives that would have had devastating impacts on our neighborhoods.

We congratulate the many organizations that help get out the vote and demonstrated the power and passion of our communities at the ballot box.  Moving into a new year, BWA looks forward to holding our elected officials accountable to the needs and vision of the communities that helped put them in office!

Special thanks to BWA Voter Coordinators: Terri Hinton, Suezanne Bruce, Tiana Kimpson, Tracy Parks, Prenell Sanders, Aaliyah Turner

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