About Our Campaigns and Organizing

BWA is a member-led organization, which means that our members determine the direction and goals of our campaign.  BWA members are under- and unemployed residents who organize to create good jobs for our community and achieve social and economic justice for all.

BWA has 4 member-led Campaign Committees:  CORI Reform Committee; Green Jobs Committee; Economic Justice Committee; Civic Engagement.    Each campaign has short and long term goals and campaigns.  As a movement building organization, we also support the campaigns of ally organizations.


In 2010, BWA helped pass landmark reforms to our state’s CORI laws.   (learn more)

- CORI Reform Campaign: info about history and status of CORI laws, photos from BWA’s successful 5 year campaign

- Boston CORI Ordinance Reform: BWA wants to add enforcement teeth to Boston’s CORI law that affects thousands of the City’s vendors and contracted businesses

-  ”Ban the Box” Enforcement:  Starting in November 2010, residents can report corporations that have the criminal history question on their job applications to the BWA for enforcement

- Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform:  BWA members are in a strategic planning process to launch a new campaign that address our state’s crisis of over-incarceration, and makes changes to police, probation, parole and prison practices.


BWA launched a Green Collar Jobs Program in 2008 to ensure that new jobs in the growing Green Economy were good, CORI friendly jobs that were available to our community.  (learn more)

Campaign for Home Weatherization:  A campaign to create good green jobs through increased home weatherization opportunities that reduce heating bills and lower global warming pollution.

Boston Recycling Coalition: A new collaborative campaign to explore job creation opportunities by increasing the city’s recycling rates

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